Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Shield examined

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2014

It is an exciting time for Battlefield 4 fans now, with the Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC release date imminent this Summer. More maps are on the way but we have some official BF4 news now regarding the ballistic shield that everyone is talking about.

We told you at the start of the week that BF4 Dragon’s Teeth gameplay was coming. While we are still waiting for that to go live, we do have something to keep you waiting.

What you see above is the very first official image of the ballistic shield that will be one of the new pieces of equipment available in Dragon’s Teeth. As you can see, it confirms that the holder of the shield will have to use two hands to fully grip the shield, meaning that he or she will be unable to shoot with the shield equipped.

However, you also see that the ballistic shield will serve as the perfect tool as a battering ram, whilst obviously deflecting bullets and distracting the enemy as shown in the picture ready for your wingman to move in for the easy kill.

It’s the perfect tease by DICE and we can’t wait for the debut gameplay trailer to drop. If you are patiently waiting for Dragon’s Teeth to arrive as part of your Battlefield 4 premium subscription, let us know how you plan to deploy the ballistic shield effectively in battle.

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  • disqus_YZAKHaLSFi

    I look forward to shiving the users of said ballistic shields.

  • Chris Gordon

    The reality is the ballistic sheiks is an idiotic addition to BF4, maybe BF4 should come up with is own ideas instead of coping COD. Naval strike was a mediocre DLC and I expect nothing better from dragons teeth. The game is still broke and dice deserves to be hit with a clad action lawsuits for its failure to provide a product as advertised. I loved BF3 as week add BF2BC2 be BF4 flat out sucks, they rushed out and incomplete game to bet COD RI the punch and failed.

    • Fthegov

      Well dont play the game simple as that. People complain too much. So what its not a perfect game, no game is. Go play cod. Obviously hundreds probably even millions still play it. If it was completely broken only a FEW people would be playing it like NBA Live 14

      • Ariel Chavez

        I agree with you ,if you don’t like the game why do you still play, it thinking it will be better
        The game is a decent build I play on old-gen and PC .The only problem on old-gen is constant crashing and force reboots
        On other hand PC is having some ‘lag’ in the bullets ,and other projectiles .
        Overall every game has their good and bad things
        And they are adding items that can attract more people to the game since many players in the community are discouraging newbies not to buy the game because its’ broken’

    • legit

      If you look at it that way… then COD copied gears of war! It’s an actual piece of equipment that is used real world in all countries, why wouldn’t it be a good addition?