HTC Desire 816 price in India, release date MIA

- May 13, 2014

The HTC Desire 816 will receive a price of just under Rs 24,000 in India and the release date will be landing imminently. The handset arrived in China from March, and the official word on a global rollout and India was from April, although the launch of this mid-range smartphone took place at an event earlier this year.

You will notice a distinctive design with the HTC Desire 816 along with specs that deliver some advanced features, all at a low price point for the level of performance in this handset. Standout features include a 13MP rear camera with HTC Zoe, a 5MP front camera, 5.5-inch 267 PPI display with an edge-to-edge design, fantastic audio thanks to BoomSound and dual-front speakers, 4G LTE, and a quad 1.6 GHz processor.


The HTC Desire 816 release date strongly desired – while we know that the companies official word is “will begin from April”, the finer details of the day or month is a little more confusing. It is clear this is what shoppers want to know right now, as seen in this comment “When will the HTC Desire 816 be available in the indian market? Anyone know the exact release date?”, said one fan of the device.


The confusing part is that some Product Reviews readers thought the smartphone was already shipping in the Indian market and has been since late April, although on further checking it seems the HTC Desire 816 release date is still missing at the time of writing. Most online stores in the region still list a “notify me when available message”.

Have you seen the HTC Desire 816 on sale in India yet? If you do, then please share a comment below with your location and the price?

Our sources explain the phone will be up for sale in days, rather than weeks, and considering the official comments of shipping after April this seems about right. We have included a hands-on and review video below this article, so take a closer look if you haven’t already.

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  • MB

    just got an update Its available in Delhi / NCR

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    delayed for 1more week… live chat

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    ok..lets hope for d best

  • Pratik

    I am 100% sure guys 🙂

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    thnks for d info@pratik

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    r u sure about ths bro.@pratik

  • Pratik

    25th may in stores & for online shoppers eg: flipkart ie: on 4th week of may
    Source – Twitter @Flipkartsupport

    Source for stores: contacted a dealer near Mulund.

    Happy Shopping HTC Maniacs 😀

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    zainab(htc representative) said its gonna launch by end of this month

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    there iz no sales n marketing team….i got ths info frm htc

  • kamlesh

    When it will b available in mumbai ???

    • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

      bro contact htc dealers in mumbai…n let me know about the avialability

  • Hari

    It’s not gonna launch this month…delayed due to some sales & marketing services!!
    I got this information from HTC Live Chat.

  • Mohammed Mudassir Irfan

    it is going to launch by the end of this got the info on htc chat…

  • reshi

    when it is releasing in nagpur

  • Roshan

    It’s been released in Mumbai….today
    Now I can get my Desire 816 (Y)

    • kishan

      but there is no news of its release…

    • Sanjay

      Buddy U Got it Really…………………Thats Amazing. Congrates. 🙂

    • Kanishk Jain

      hey if you have bought it can you please tell me if the screen is scratch resistant or not as its not using gorilla glass!!also is it coming with nfc in india or not? thanks in advance..

  • waseem

    I don’t think it will launch tomorrow also

  • 816

    Release on May 28th in Trivandrum

    • aaaron


    • HTC

      Source pls ?

  • yash.0100

    A htc dealer told me tht it will be surely arrive today or by tommrow at least for 23-24k. The htc rep still are unaware of the launch date . May b the dealer will give me a good news (tommorow sure avaliblity) whn i go again at night . Let hopes so . M also really furstated by waiting for it.

    • kishan

      In which city will it arrive?

    • Gautam Goel

      This mobile phone is not even mentioned in htc India website. Is it really be launching Tomorrow. Please get the availability date in writing from the dealer 🙂

    • Nilesh

      Where’s your dealer bro :/

  • kishan

    now the people in live chat r sayn that it will be available next week…

  • DK

    Is this available on any online site ? I want buy !

  • Kashyap

    Its really overpriced…

    • Mihir

      what are you talking about its like a plastic m8 with a better camera and lower resolution , for half the price , its a steal it kicks grand2’s ass any day

      • Gionee

        well there r smartphones with better specifications now. samsung is not worth comparing with. it might have a good camera,but 1.5gb ram,8gb internal(maybe < 5gb available),lower PPI does make a deal break..

        • Mihir

          its expandable unto 128gb , i agree samsung sucks , but the 816 is better than the t2ultra

    • NobleGeorge12

      Really?! So you did a price comparison with Micromax, Lava and other sluggish Chinese rebranded devices? lol

  • Gautam Goel

    Will HTC 816 be LTE ready

    • Kashyap

      no lte in india.

  • a. seth

    every f9 comp. has dropped the price . leading mob. comp. as samsung, b.b, micromax and motorola has dropped the price but htc did’t, dont worry but atleast launch the f9.

    • HM

      Dude if you compare all the devices hardware with HTC they dont stand a chance also if you compare the specs the cheap options are not close to HTC desire 816… all its contemporaries are in the same bracket of Rs. 25k example Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, Grand Duos 2, Elife E7 etc… these are no ways cheap… For the first time HTC has come up with a price closer to its competition so Hats off to them for the same..

  • a. seth

    wats tis???? i m waiting tis fo9 last 3 months but htc has nt launched….. wat is the actual date tell me any body…… waiting 4 this so embarsing……previously they told it will be launch in april or march and the aspected price around 18k but nw 24k, is it right guys??

    • HM

      Dude the phone in China was priced around Rs. 18k… in India the price was expected to be around Rs. 23k however that is the MRP and not the market selling price.. I happen to speak with HTC and they have informed that the phone should be out in the market post 16th of May 2014…

  • neha

    really waiting for the camera, however wanted to know if 5.5 would be comfortable for my mom?

  • rahul

    its really teasing about the htc desire 816 availability in India, even people sitting for live chat for htc dont know the exact date….eagerly waiting for HTC desire 816 can any one share the exact date to purchase..or i should for other phone makers.

  • Akash M

    It’s such a frustrating wait….:-(

    • SM

      I agree with you Akash… But unfortunately thats how the marketing team wants it and also the elections are a big reason for the delay..

  • Nibin

    its listed in some online reliable stores, coming soon !

  • shubham

    yes by 15th may

    • Gautam Goel

      That is Tomorrow, are you 100% sure

  • ktankishn

    816 will be available on 15th May 2014

    • Gautam Goel

      That is Tomorrow, are you 100% sure that it will be available from 15th May 2014

    • vicky

      today is 15 may… is it now available ???

  • indrajit

    From the beginning HTC is doing this kind of joke with the customers, it was happend with the htc one (M7) also.It is just very very disappointing.HTC, stop this kind of play with the customers.

  • Jason

    Hi Guys!

    I went to one of HTC’s dealer in Delhi and I was informed that the phone will be available by 15th of may with price tag 24000rs. I am also looking forward to have this phone.

    • Gautam Goel

      Have you bpu

  • yuvraj

    HTC you are loosing ur customer.. its very irritate me. waiting from last two months.
    And many more customers..

  • prince

    Y de do dis kind f stuf…de should have released till now

  • Sanjay

    I Am A Huge Fan Of Htc. I Want To Buy This Phone As Soon As Possible Bt Its Not In The Market Right Now. Thats So bad.Then Why Htc Launch 816 In India If They Can’t Provide This To The Consumers.

    • Aditya

      They said it will be available by the end of this month

  • Aditya

    8gb internal that’s quite low untill you’re considering to root your device

    • Arko

      You can try to adjust for lower internal space for awesome hardware…

  • Rohit

    When inquired with the HTC Customer care yesterday, they confirmed this week release. But not sure about the date.

  • Vj Singh

    Guys 816 will be available in market on 16th may….

    • nikhil

      how u knw dis..?? From wer u got dis info.??

      • Vj Singh

        From HTC head office I got this date…

  • Rishi

    I purchased another phone, most Sales happen when they NEED ONE, and it is obviously implies As Soon As Possible, so HTC may have lost Many Buyers like me. i bought Nexus 5 instead.

  • san

    its really frustrating, just showing the phone and not releasing it . i think htc doesnt have good marketing guys with them.. with this kind of strategy they are surely going to loose revenue which they would have got if released within a week of announcement.

  • Pink2014

    Same here… just irritated…. waiting from last two months still no information on availability of phones in market.. 🙁
    Better to opt for some another phone instead 🙁
    HTC you are disappointing your customers

  • Prasanna

    Frustrated with such commitment…
    I was so excited to buy this phone when it was release on 21st April.
    Immediately I contacted to HTC costumercare and i got to know that will get the mob in first week of May i.e. before 7th May. again i contacted in 1st week, they told me 2nd week and now i again contacted them now I got to know that HTC desire 816 will available to Indian market in 3rd or 4th week of May. now even they dont have exact idea that when it will available. Then why HTC eagar to release it on one month back?