GTA V 1.13 update live at 276MB

By Alan Ng - May 13, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.13 update just went live following our normal checks every 15 minutes to make sure Product Reviews readers are first to know. The GTA V 1.13 patch size is 276MB and we had no problems with the download, although once thousands start installing it could slow down the servers a little.

We took a guess earlier today at the GTA Online High Life update release time along with a window for the patch, which was pretty much spot on considering it’s just gone live within that timeframe.

Once again, we also beat Rockstar’s newswire to the news although you can expect the details to land on the official blog any moment and of course their Facebook channel.

Those of you that don’t know what’s included in the GTA V 1.13 patch or High Life update should see our hub page for details and we will of course publish any patch notes in the coming hours. There are a few bugs and glitches being used by those that like to cheat, so it will be interesting to see if Rockstar patched any of these up.

The update is live now, go grab it!

The update is live now, go grab it!

Do you see the GTA V 1.13 live in your location along with the GTA Online update? If so, what will you do first in multiplayer?

Personally, we can’t wait to get hands-on with the new cars, Dinka Thrust motorcycle, and of course Bullpup rifle. We looked at price predictions for these items a few days ago, although we’ll find out exactly how close they were now.

The biggest change we know a lot of you want, and us, is the extra garage space and this comes now thanks to multiple property ownership. We touched on how to rearrange cars in your garage in this article.

You might see the “Joining GTA Online” screen get stuck if the demand is too great, or anticipated, which we did see happen a few days ago on a busy weekend.

Let us know if the download is live in your area now and what instant changes you have noticed once you have started playing on GTA V 1.13.

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  • Cristian

    Is this for Xbox 360 too?!

  • Jp

    It’s says in the loading screen there is now gambling but the casino is still closed what’s the deal

  • Jp

    What’s up with gambling

  • PSN:Doggzilla24HD

    PSN:Doggzilla24HD Spelt it wrong

  • @thebestEG

    You need 2.5 mil to be fully satisfied with what the update had to offer

    • Daniel Santos Jimenez

      Maybe in 1 more hour it will be available in the west coast.

    • Jonathan Glass

      That truly annoying

  • @thebestEG

    Live in Houston

  • exinthevatican

    Geez, right after the patch, a lot of players are killing each other a lot more frequently now lol. You can’t leave LS Customs without someone, waiting for you outside with a RPG or Minigun, ready to obliterate you.

  • eastnystunna

    Updated in NYC

  • Daniel Santos Jimenez

    How do I download it manually on ps3?

  • exinthevatican

    Downloaded it. Having a blast!

    • Daniel Santos Jimenez

      Does it update automatically on ps3?

      • opeyuk

        Yes when you put the disc in or press to run the game

        • Daniel Santos Jimenez

          Thank you its downloading

  • Daniel Santos Jimenez

    Washington state still no update

  • The Bob

    i’ve just downloaded it but there are no new cars. does anyone else have the same problem or a solution? thanks

    • Daniel Santos Jimenez

      Where are you located?

  • sickoid87

    What clothes are needed to purchase new clothes? It is an absolute joke how Rockstar do this. I cannot purchase new clothes as I am not wearing High End outfit, and it does not explain how or what I need.

    • jawnie

      Go to the front counter in the clothes store nd buy the high life outfits. Don’t get your panties in a bunch

  • PSN:Doggzill24HD

    *Huntley- 6/10
    *Massacro- 9/10
    *Thrust- Grannys Scooter/10
    *Zentorno- The One To Buy/10

    • Haris Ali

      yh I agree…ZENTORNO is badass…..Massarco is kinda like a cross between RAPID GT and CARBONIZZARE….but drives well…better than both RAPID GT n CARBONIZZARE

      • bob saget

        I’ve bought all of them besides grandmas scooter. They’re pretty amazing

        • Haris Ali

          I havn’t tried the SUV yet….whats everyones take on that?

  • Lane Merrifield

    We are releasing the update to all players. We appreciate the understanding from the players who are still waiting for the update.

  • sickoid87

    My mistake, it did not download properly. I have had several issues today with GTA V. Off to a crap start.



  • jt

    Live in nz

    • jt

      Same New Zealand all the way

  • Dark0

    Live in France,on the xbox marketplace within the game.

  • Wong Wesley


  • Dragon born

    Finally they updated it, I was sick and tired of just two major fractions the storm cloaks and the imperials. Finally the dragon born has a more diverse role it this god forsaken world

    • Alea the huntress

      Hey brethren I look forward to the new adventures we shall have

    • The other dragon born

      Ow my gawd have you been living under a rock or what, there was always more to do.
      This is why you almost got executed infront of a town once

      • Dragon born

        Go eat a bag of dicks

        • Ales the huntress

          *chuckles out loud

        • The other dragon born

          Shut up ! Why don’t you go turn in to a giant dog ya s@&$

  • Mrgaboofox

    High life dlc pack on games store available for download on xbox in us

  • Mrgaboofox

    They just updated it everyone check the game store 🙂

  • Mrgaboofox


  • phux

    Austria, 1.13 Title Update is live and downloaded.
    No new Pack available to download, Business Update pack is listed as latest.

    • Wong Wesley

      yeah. You freeze if you enter any of the new apartments.

      • walty

        All working fine here. You on xbox or ps3?

  • sunny

    I downloaded a 79 mb patch in Ohio. The patch is released adding the mental state thing that tells whether a player is going to kill you or not and added new apartments. They haven’t added the high life DLC in the market place though

  • Bill

    76mb xbox 360 in uk

  • xHitman808x

    yup same here wes

  • Bob

    live in NZ downloading now

    • Hello Bob I’m Bob too

      Yup same here in NZ too 🙂

  • xHitman808x

    76mb update on xbox 360 in hawaii

  • Rip_Davan

    Live in Australia. Sweet. Already downloaded and playing.

  • Wong Wesley

    yeah its live but there is only the new apartments and you freeze if you try to enter it. also there are no cars in any of the websites neither are there new guns nor missions.

  • kev

    194.46 mb update on 360

  • kev

    live in ny

  • sasho

    Live in Bulgaria

  • kev

    not live in ny as yet

  • Jayme

    were do you download it xbox games store?

    • opeyuk

      I’m ps3 it downloads when I start the game. Just do what ever you do to normally get game updates might not b live for you yet

  • DJ

    Live in Was, USA. And size is 194.46 on 360.

  • opeyuk

    Yep live in UK

  • Jeffyj

    Can’t see any of the new cars or guns or anything?

  • ico

    Livee in Croatia

  • matt


  • Ray

    live in india 🙂


    LIVE in SPAIN!!! T___T

  • Wong Wesley

    its live in singapore!

  • Choppy

    Live in Australia

  • Agbou

    live in Switzerland

  • Hamish

    Live in Australia!

  • tomas

    is it live in sydney

    • milad

      oooi tell me ur psn id because i live sydney too

  • Will

    Live in Straya

  • DiscoKnickers

    Done, and I’m goin in!!!

  • DiscoKnickers

    Live UK downloading now 276mb

  • robbu

    live in Germany

  • Flannel94


  • TE43

    Only on PS3

  • fizzy

    Its live in UK. Atm jus downloading on my xbox.

  • Lord

    Installing now in PHilippines

  • olsmith

    live in hawaii

  • Hank11

    Not in Australia yet! DX

  • Sarah93

    live in minneapolis

  • Hank11


  • SomeonesMom

    Not live in California.

  • troll face 97

    is it out in south Australia yet

  • opeyuk

    Not live in UK yet

  • rasa

    Not live in eastern europe (Romania)

  • NK

    Live in California!

  • Joesph

    Not live in South Africa