GTA V 1.13 money glitch with Zentorno

By Alan Ng - May 13, 2014

As always, we kept you right up to date by breaking the GTA V 1.13 patch news first as soon as it went live. Now though, it looks like Rockstar has missed another trick as we can already see that some GTA V players are using a GTA V 1.13 money glitch.

Most of you will know that with every update, there is almost always one way to still make ‘unlimited money’ in the game using car duplicate methods with the latest patches.

Although Rockstar are always fixing up glitches with every new update, we can see that one has slipped through and actually you can also use the new GTA V High Life cars such as the Zentorno for even more money.

Watch the video below to see how players are doing it, using a second player on a motorcycle to duplicate any sports car for massive money. The clip below shows a Bugatti type for over $700,000, but once you have bought the Pegassi Zentorno and customized it – you can make even more money.

Of course, the Zentorno costs a whopping $725,000 so obviously you only want to do this with the Zentorno if you have plenty of money to spare – otherwise just use one of your existing expensive motors.

We have a feeling that Rockstar will fix this up, so let us know if this method has worked for you, which car you used and how much money you have managed to make from it.

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  • George

    An if u got Adler and no the glitch u gonna get some $$$$$$$

  • George

    U guys doining it wrong

  • Grillman

    It’s working, but i get just 2k$ selling Zetorno

    • Con

      Then your doing it wrong, look at different videos of the same method.

  • tyson

    As I exit the garage My mate gets kicked off my bike??

    • Con

      That means you are to close/ far from your garage. The spots somtimes change but you just have to find the spots and you will be set, ive been doing this glitch and i have 10mil. but yeah, just keep trying

      • graham

        i even went so far as to buy same apartment in video, and same EXACT spot in video, your sayin it changes every time, regardless of the apartment location?

      • Cool dre

        Well how are u suppose to know if you’re to far or if you’re to close bruh?

  • Dagoberto Pimentel

    Do you guys test these yourselves before posting them? Because it doesn’t work with my friends and I.

    • Colcord8

      Your doing it wrong then

      • Dagoberto Pimentel


        • snickerlips

          I hate you