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Clash of Clans May 2014 update with tweaks

Clash of Clans players have plenty of content to keep them busy at the moment, but now we have some brief news on what is to come with the highly anticipated Clash of Clans May 2014 update.

Developers Supercell haven’t disclosed full details yet, but they have however offered a teaser for fans to get excited on some of the updates that will be coming to the game this month.

One of them we can tell you will be a feature allowing you to dismiss Clash of Clans War Base Clan Castle troops if you no longer require their services.

This has been confirmed in a Tweet from the developer below, along with a fantastic graphic to wet your appetite further – have a look for yourself at the goblins making their way out.

Another change that is coming is related to the interface, as players will be able to see within in the clan chat when a leader or co-leader starts or cancels a Clan War matchmaking – a highly requested feature, which is great to see Supercell implementing it for the fans.

Obviously there is a lot more to come, but these are just for starters. If you are still addicted to Clash of Clans, let us know what you would like to see in the next update.

What can take the game to the next level in your opinion?



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