Titanfall Xbox 360 updates after Xbox One, PC

We have some good news for those of you that decided to pick up Titanfall on Xbox 360 instead of the Xbox One or PC version. The game may be handled by a different developer but we now have confirmation that developers Bluepoint Games are committed to improving the Xbox 360 port just the same as the other versions.

As most of you are aware, the Xbox 360 version of the game shipped later than the other versions, as Bluepoint Games needed extra time to port the game. What they have delivered though is a very good experience on old hardware and those playing may be pleasantly surprised with the level of quality available.

A new statement by Respawn on the Titanfall blog has been published, basically reassuring Titanfall players on Xbox 360 that they won’t be left behind with regards to future updates.

This includes the Titanfall Expedition Xbox 360 release date, which will now happen in June – later than Xbox One and PC to give Bluepoint Games the time needed to deliver the content after Respawn.

There will however be extra updates that arrive for free though on Xbox 360, such as the private match enhancements. Read the full update plans here and let us know your thoughts on the game as an Xbox 360 player.

Are you happy with the Xbox 360 version and the job that Bluepoint Games has done with the port?



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