LG G Watch release preparation ramps up

The LG G Watch price is still undecided, although we do have a good idea and this price point seems to be pretty much the game as the Samsung Gear 2. Seeing as though its release is just around the corner, preparation into its release has slowly been building and things will no doubt ramp up in the coming weeks.

LG G Watch preparation ramps up now with the release of a new teaser video, which gives a renewed insight into this upcoming smartwatch. The G Watch will be the first wearable to make full use of Android wear, and we look forward to see other brands using Android wear, but for now it is all about LG because they have beaten the competition, or soon will do once the device hits the market.

The new LG G Watch tease video doesn’t really show us anything new, it just reiterates what we already knew, but it is nice to get a gentle reminder, and that is this device will be sleek and lightweight in its design, making it ideal to wear all day on your wrist – something we cannot say about some of the other smartphones on the market.

What the LG G Watch teaser video tells us – LG defines the smartwatch, as we know it is compatible with Android, has a metal body for a timeless look, and is ready for anything anytime on a single charge.

LG G Watch release preparation

That is not all, as the G Watch is waterproof, making it perfect for your outdoor activities, which we believe will be a very important feature considering the device will be used while out and about, such as keeping fit or just for general use.

Even though the G Watch looks good, especially in this video, we can’t help feel the Moto 360 looks better. Okay, so both smartwatches have a lot to offer, but we feel as though Motorola has been able to come up with the better design, although this is just personal preference.



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