Jaguar F-Type upgrades to transmission and drive train

Ever since Jaguar released the F-Type it has proven very popular, so much so that early pre-orders had sold out. Thankfully, things have settled down and now people are finding it much easier to get their hands on an F-Type. However, there are a couple of things that have put people off owning one, but some new Jaguar F-Type upgrades could make you rethink this hesitation.

Two upcoming Jaguar F-Type upgrades to look forward to are to the transmission and drive train, as we expect to see a manual and all-wheel drive options, two features that have been a hot topic ever since the F-Type was released.

While Jaguar have yet to come out and make an official announcement about a manual Jaguar F-Type options and even a four-wheel drive option, a recent tweet seems to think it is a done deal and that these new F-Type options are coming and it is only just a matter of time.

We are not certain where Motor Trend got their information from, but the tweet has got a huge response, although we knew this would be the case.

The Jaguar F-Type currently has an eight-speed automatic transmission, and while the system is decent enough, it does seem to take away some of the fun factor and true driving experience of what is a great car. We have seen many F-Type reviews that urge Jaguar to do the decent thing and offer a manual option, so maybe the company has finally listened?

Jaguar F-Type upgrades

If the Jaguar F-Type manual option release was to come in 2014, then this would allow the vehicle to compete with the 2014 Corvette Stingray on a more equal footing, as the C7 is an awesome car that already has the manual option.

As for an all-wheel drive Jaguar F-Type, this could make it handle even better on the track because it would improve traction in the corners. You might not notice this while driving in normal conditions, but add a racetrack or bad weather to the mix, and that is when a four-wheel drive F-Type would come in handy.



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