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Hooked on Phonics app for free

Those of you who are looking for reading apps to help your kids, one app which may have caught your attention recently was the Hooked on Phonics app for iPhone and iPad, considered to be one of the best educational reading tools available right now.

This app in particular though has been highlighted as consumers may have become aware that Hooked on Phonics was recently available for free. The app usually has a price of $49.99 but in celebration of National Teachers Day, the Hooked on Phonics Classroom Edition could be downloaded for nothing.

As far as we’re aware though, it looks like this offer has now sadly ended. Fortunately though, you can still download the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read app for free. This version features the same content as the Classroom Edition, but just without the teacher instructions and teacher controls – so it’s still highly useful.

Did you manage to get this app for free?
Did you manage to get this app for free?

We have had some feedback from those who were lucky enough to spot the deal in time and grab the Classroom Edition for free during National Teacher Day. The free version is still worth your effort though and you’ll have a great time taking your children through the three lessons included on the app.

Once you complete Unit 1, you’ll also be able to download a free e-book as well which is another nice bonus. Let us know if you have downloaded this app during the last week.

Were you lucky enough to download the $50 version for free? – If so, let us your experiences so far.



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