Avengers Alliance PVP 15 Playdom problems

If you have been playing Avengers Alliance on Facebook, you may have discovered that PVP 15 problems have started to happen again, with players unable to load the game after hours of trying to win the PVP tournament prizes.

Avengers Alliance PVP 15 cannot be loaded at the moment and it is causing players a lot of frustration, particularly those who have spent a long time trying to deal with the game’s amusing matchmaking features.

At the moment, there is no status on when the Avengers Alliance PVP 15 crash problems will be fixed, or indeed when Avengers Alliance can be loaded again.

The developers are working on the game though, as you can see in the confirmation below.

This isn’t the first time that the game has been unable to deal with server traffic on the last day of PVP. Unfortunately, it means that the PVP 15 tournament may be extended once again to compensate for the lost points and it would mean a complete waste of time for those that spent resources and time to try and finish in the league they wanted.

Can you load Avengers Alliance on Facebook right now? Give us your reaction to the fact that this has happened again.

UPDATE: Here’s what Playdom has said in response to the PVP problems:

“Due to the technical difficulties experienced at the end of PvP Season 15, we will be bumping players that were in Gold, Diamonnd, Vibranium, and Adamantium League up one League. This means that if you were in Gold you will be bumped to Diamond and so on. Players will be awarded the prizes corresponding to their new ranks.
A game patch will need to be issued to process this. Once this is done, players will have their awards automatically placed in their inventories and will not see a pop up message. We will be working on this as quickly as possible and we sincerely appreciate your patience.”

A happy ending after all, let us know which league you placed in.



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