Sunset Overdrive what Xbox One needs

Are you looking forward to the highly anticipated Sunset Overdrive release date on Xbox One? The reception to the game from Insomniac has been very positive so far with many saying that it is exactly the type of game that the Xbox One needs right now.

We agree as well. Sunset Overdrive seems to be a glorious mashup of Jet Set Radio, Crackdown, GTA V, Saints Row and perhaps even a little bit of Tony Hawks thrown in there as well.

These are on top of other obvious influences from Ratchet and Clank and Spryo the Dragon, two of Insomniac’s most famous series. Sadly there is no date yet but that seems to be working in Microsoft’s favor, with Sunset Overdrive one of the most hyped Xbox One games at the moment ahead of an inevitable appearance at E3 2014.

The fact that Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to Xbox One is a big coup as well. Remember that this is the same team that delivered the Resistance series exclusively to PlayStation, so there will be some PS4 and PS3 owners who are very unhappy that they won’t be able to play such a good looking and refreshing game too.


From the gameplay that we have seen so far, the game just looks really fun to play. We also see some Infamous elements thrown in there too and the graphics so far look beautiful.

If Sunset Overdrive can finally be the game that runs 1080p and 60FPS on Xbox One, it could end up being a system seller for Microsoft. We personally can’t wait to see more of this game at E3.

Let us know what you think about Sunset Overdrive so far and if you agree that this is the type of game that the Xbox One needs right now.

On a side note: PlayStation gamers, are you disappointed that Sunset Overdrive will not be on PS4?



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