COD Advanced Warfare Xbox One Vs PS4 resolution

By Alan Ng - May 11, 2014

If you are already looking forward to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on Xbox One or PS4, we have an early heads-up on the inevitable COD Advanced Warfare PS4 Vs Xbox One debate that will be made with regards to resolution.

You won’t need us to remind you how important gamers treat this piece of information. Just think back to Call of Duty Ghosts as a classic example, when it was revealed that the game could only output at 720p resolution, compared to the PS4 version which was 1080p native in comparison.

This was seen as a huge shock considering that Call of Duty is now an Xbox brand and the obvious assumption to make is that Microsoft nor Activision wouldn’t want the same criticism to come with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Unfortunately though, another storm may be coming. The digital gurus over at Digital Foundry have already completed their analysis of the ‘Kevin Spacey’ debut trailer for the game and have concluded that it doesn’t hit full 1080p resolution either.

They have stated that the game is actually closer to 900p and have pinpointed that specific trailer as running at 882p pixels. While this is obviously much better than COD Ghosts, it may be somewhat surprising to see yet another Xbox One game, as high profile as Call of Duty, fail to hit the standard 1080p benchmark.

On a more pleasing note, we should remind you that this is only the very first trailer for the game. Sledgehammer Games are obviously still in development and we could see a higher resolution before the game is launched in November.

Some gamers have already had their say on what they think about this on social media – take a look at the above Tweet for evidence of this. We think it is early days ourselves, but then again the Digital Foundry team are rarely wrong with their findings.

If COD Advanced really doesn’t run at 1080p again on Xbox One, how will you react to this? Do you think this is acceptable for a ‘next-gen’ console, or does gameplay matter the most to you over performance?

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  • GG NSA Spytoy (xbox one)

    PS4 for the win!

  • Michael

    I have been waiting months for them to do a bundle of the Xbox One with a kinect and more memory . Then they come out with a bundle with a 1tb and no kinect!!!!! I’m getting a PlayStation 4 #whyxboxonesucks

  • CoD:TitanHalo

    I don’t see CoD doing very well on Xbone anyway as they already have Titanfail and will have Destiny by the time CoD:Titanfall Clone comes out in November. And they have the next Halo (dunno when this is due as I don’t like the sci-fi shooters and don’t have an Xbox.
    PS4 will do better, not because of the resolution thing, but because the whole Halo thing hasn’t really been done on PS before. And Titanfail was an XBox exclusive. Destiny comes out in September, but Destiny isn’t as close to the new CoD as is Titanfall (jumping and parkour) and Halo (exo suit, invisibilit and plasma/laser weapons).
    And if you like normal soldiers and regular guns (like me), well, you get to save money this Novemeber as all indications are that BF5 will not be releasing this year 🙁

  • Arnold Pain

    Xbox One isnt a next gen console, so this is expected.
    The Wii U(which is awesome), and Xbox One(never played it) simply arent at the level of the PS4.
    Only the PS4 can be considered “next gen” when it comes to graphics.

    • Camile Malono

      xbox one not next gen,fool your high, x1is next gen its barely weaker lol

      • wildmorgan

        I don’t agree with that, you can’t deny that on paper that the Xbox One is a little more than “barely weaker” than the PS4. However, a lot will come down to how developers optimise the X1 hardware etc.

        I played COD Ghosts on my Xbox One simply because I got it free with the console. I would naturally have bought it on my PS4 being a higher resolution on that console if I didn’t already have it for the X1, but in any case, I still enjoyed the game as much as I would have on the PS4, It still looked lovely on X1 so this argument about resolution is pointless.

        I generally prefer the PS4 as a console though…

        • Camile Malono

          its not really much, look back on the 360 vs ps3, the ps3 has almost a 300% power advantage, this gen what like 40%-50%. im just just saying. but hey I appreciate your reply, its not a fanboys reply like other people, other are quite rude

  • Kevin

    Ps4 ftw

  • Me

    I’m sorry but the consoles came out at the end of 2013. It is not acceptable that the xbox does not run in 1080p. Especially when it costs more than ps4.

  • Cigi

    Well how about -lets wait and see….

    I know you “journalists” have to make a living, but this is pure speculation based in pixel counting on a trailer. Why don’t they pixel count Drive club. And regarding never been wrong I think of Killzone mp. That was pretty wrong….

    • J Hadley

      Can you read properly… He clearly stated several times that it was just speculation. The point of the article is to get a debate running… I say he’s achieved his objective

  • David

    It was just a trailer. The first footage that we’ve seen from a game that won’t be out until November. I’m sure they aren’t finished optimizing

  • vorticalbox

    it;s Microsoft’s fault it’s not 1080p, DX 11 on the One only uses one core. Only when direct X 12 comes out (assuming as they say uses more cores) will the One see any sort real performance boost.

    • mrracer

      This is becoming ridiculous, to be honest I own an xbox one, if they don’t get it together with 1080P as a standard which it should be. I’m considering switching to ps4 and buying games for that system.

      • rob

        Please buy a ps4 because i want one less resolution crybaby on xbox live