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100 Balls high score for world record

Have you become addicted to the 100 Balls app yet? We told you about this game earlier this week and now it looks like users are specifically aiming for 100 balls high scores and maybe even a 100 balls world record if you are good enough.

Gameplay is simple enough, but you’ll soon find it very challenging once the speed of the game increases and you find yourself missing balls all over the place.

It’s not hard to rack up a decent score, but once you get past 1000 it becomes extremely challenging. Try and get to that point now and you’ll see what we mean.

As far as aware, the current 100 high score could be 1433, which you can see evidence of below. We challenge you to beat this score and come back to us with proof that you have a higher score.

It’s amazing that these simple games that are releasing at the moment continue to dominate the app charts. Flappy Bird has become a benchmark for other developers, proving that graphics do not necessary make a game popular if the actual gameplay shines through.

100 Balls is out now for iPhone and iPad, while we’ve also seen some Android clones out there already. Let us know what your high score is and if you have managed to get past 1000.



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