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Make it Rain hack for money lovers

The new app that is doing the rounds for social fanatics is the Make it Rain app for iPhone and Android. We previously told you about this here, but now we have evidence that some players are willing to use Make it Rain hacks and cheats to really bring the money in fast.

We’re a little amazed at how popular this app has become truth be told. Some users have said that Make it Rain is the most ‘annoying and pointless’ app to release in a long time, but that hasn’t stopped Make it Rain from becoming the number one free app on the iOS store.

Some players are loving the app, while others are getting frustrated over what they perceive to be a rigged FBI investigation wheel within the Make it Rain app.

As a result, we’ve seen some players willing to take matters into their own hand. Take a look at the image above and you’ll see that the money generated has reached into 14 figures. This has been made possible with Make it Rain cheats, although it looks like you need a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad to make it work.


How have you been getting on with this game – Have you been looking for ways to make the game easier? Is the FBI investigation section unfair in your opinion? Let us know how much money you have managed to make without hacking.



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