LoL Braum release time status with 4.7 patch

How is your experience with League of Legends so far after the highly anticipated LoL 4.7 patch that is now live? Many players are waiting for Riot to provide an exact Lol Braum release date, but it looks like the developer will be keeping players waiting a little further.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is a strict Lol Braum release time either. When browsing through the League of Legends 4.7 patch notes which included a detailed look at Braum, there was no actual information on when he would be available in the game for everyone.

What we did find however was the following brief statement on Braum, which doesn’t really do much to calm the excitement of players who have just finished watching epic Braum gameplay and were expecting him to go live with the 4.7 patch without fail.


As you can see, that statement doesn’t give us much to go on and we can still see the huge demand for Braum to become available. Take a look at some examples of what players have been saying about Braum on social media:

Let’s hope that Riot Games won’t keep everyone waiting much longer. Some players are already claiming that Braum is available, but what is your status for you at the moment?

Are you still waiting for Braum to release on your game?



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