Joining GTA Online, loading screen gets stuck

- May 10, 2014

This weekend was always expected to be a busy one right before the Grand Theft Auto V 1.13 update, but today we’ve received a number of emails about the joining GTA Online loading screen and how it’s getting stuck for some players, or taking forever by being very slow to load.

The session might even time out after not loading and in this case some Product Reviews readers explained a message appears stating, “timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online session to join. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later”. This can happen thanks to your own personal home network or Wi-Fi problems, but the increased reports we’ve had seem to reveal more issues than normal for a weekend.

One email explained, “The joining GTA online is taking forever and I can’t join my friends in a multiplayer game. It just won’t connect or complete the session”. Another added, “I’m in the UK and have been stuck on joining GTA online screen for ages, this needs a fix and I hope the problem is sorted before the High Life update”.

We contacted a number of our work colleagues that play GTA V a lot, and all of them noted at least one issue this weekend trying to connect to GTA Online. They did explain you will get connected to friends, although it may take some time when there’s a lot of demand for the servers and of course if they’re not down today at any point.

If you are stuck on the “Joining GTA Online” screen and find it not loading, then feel free to leave a comment below with your location and how long the problems have been happening to you.

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  • LoveK3night

    All the time, and if i get on to a public server its always always public 1. i load faster into invite only 1 servers and solo servers than public servers where i’m by myself. I experience this on my Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. I have 5G WiFi with good connection. I’m from Lancaster, California, United States.


  • King Brown

    So I just senter my ps3 to Sony and now that I got it back it wont let me play GTA online. I tried everything. I even bought a new GTA disc and it’s doing the samething.


  • Feff

    Im in the United states in New Hampshire. My game gets stuck soon after signing in still loading and loading and loading. It wont open story mode or online mode.. This happend right after this new update. Very frustrating I know its not my internet because my other games work fine. xbox one… Close to bringing the game right back, hope there is a fix soon

  • pete

    I’m in Bournemouth England and all i get is endless loading screen and no game on online or story mode.

  • dissapointed

    I have had this problem for going on a week now. I can load my character one slot but character 2 sits at the joining gta online screen untill my xbox times out.

  • Ghostomic

    Wentzville,mo stuck in loading online screen!!! It will just sit at the screen for as long as I let it. Sometimes it times out for compatable session. We have another xbox 360 in the house that has no problems connecting… These machines ran in unison until this evening. Tried everyone other multiplayer game I owned and they worked like a charm. Except gta 5.

  • Nmubunny

    Definitely struggling to get online–I’ve cleared cache, restarted my Xbox half a dozen times, reinstalled updates and no luck–HELP!!!! This is for my Xbox 360

  • Lawrence Jefferson

    I had been on a hiatus for GTA online and was really excited for the new update, but ever since I downloaded it, the loading screen for joining sessions just keeps going and going. I’m aware that reinstalling the game is supposed to work, but I deleted all of the updates, and the initial install, yet still nothing. At one point I even accidentally left it on when I went to bed, and when I woke up, it was still loading. Just loading, not frozen, not timed out, just loading. All I’ve wanted has been to play online, but I guess I’ll have to wait until they patch it. I know it’s not my internet, literally everything else plays perfectly fine. Anyways, I really hope that Rockstar can fix this soon. GTA is just so much fun that it’s just a shame that it won’t load for some people.

    • Ghostomic

      I just inherited this problem tonight.. It sucks…

  • Isaac Herrell

    Same stuff’s been happening to me since the 1.11 update. However it’s been much worse since this last update. Grrrrr!

  • Jonesin

    I haven’t been able to get online since February on XBOX360. I’ve submitted numerous tickets to receive first a claim of cheating and then claim of personal network issue. I wish they would actually take the time to look at accounts to confirm the real issues and not put out blanket statements. I feel They rely to heavy on cloud technology as its still new to the gaming realm and is the major issue of logging on. I plan to try again tonight and hope I can log back on. I’ve since been playing on PS3 but all my friends are 360. I hope to return to 360 soon.

  • The Durz

    I live in the states and for the last month this has been happening, every time I go to load online either I get booted or this message comes up, “there has been an unexpected network error please return to GTA V and try again later” I thought maybe my internet but i play COD and other online games just fine. I hope rock star can fix this, I need my GTA fix.

  • Justin Jusino

    When I start the game I get stuck at the loading screen where you can choose story mode or online.. I’m in florida and this has been happening since yesterday

  • imaboot

    I can’t load at all, I even missed out on double cash weekend due to this issue

  • GTA Online has been freezing up frequently on the 360 after the last “update”. The game is really pretty wretched.

  • Nathan

    I had to restart my PS3 3 times today after the joining GTA Online screen got stuck. I later found out I only needed to hold the middle button, and then quit game.

    • Jay Moralesxrss

      Wait, your saying that doing that made it work?