GTA V Bullpup Rifle insight

By Alan Ng - May 10, 2014

GTA V players may be looking forward to the GTA V High Life update and how much money the Dinka Thrust and other vehicles will cost, but don’t forget that the big update will also unlock a new weapon in the game – the Bullpup rifle.

You may not realize, but the Bullpup is actually one of the most used weapons in many first person shooter console and PC games. One of these examples include Battlefield 4 and we think Rockstar has taken direct influence from the QBZ-95-1 from Battlefield 4 – a weapon which you can unlock in single player mode and then take it into multiplayer to use with any faction.

Now it’s coming to GTA V with the High Life update and it could be the new weapon that all GTA V fans will turn to in the heat of the battle during GTA Online multiplayer matches.

We’ve included a close up image of the Bullpup as it will appear in GTA V above. Gun experts may also notice some traits on the sight of the weapon that belongs to the M16 family – another favorite assault rifle in shooter games.

The Bullpup looks similar to the QBZ-95 from BF4

The Bullpup looks similar to the QBZ-95 from BF4

Just to give you an idea of how the Bullpup compares to a real life QBZ-95, take a look at the image above to see the differences. There is already talk however, on how some GTA V veterans are unhappy that all players are getting access to the Bullpup with the High Life update.

Once the update is live, all GTA V players can simply buy the weapon from Ammumation. As a result we could see a situation where the majority of players are just using the Bullpup and nothing else – especially if it turns out to be overpowered.

Let us know your thoughts on this weapon and whether you intend to use it once the High Life update is live. Do you love the design after using the QBZ-95 in other games?

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  • Robboy

    Such a terribly written article.

  • Andrew Giniewski

    it won’t be more powerful than the advanced rifle (TAR-21) which is a bullpup and the most powerful automatic weapon in the game (excluding minigun).

  • LG gaming

    Nah bro all dem noobs Ruin open lobbies but not inv only with dem crew

  • Too little, too late. I’m done with GTA V.

    • royal

      Hell yeah bro fuckn Skyrim all day !

    • fred is a TROLL

      Yet you comment on EVERY single GTA 5 thread…. If you are done with GTA 5 why do you feel obliged to offer negative feedback on every article about it.

      You are what I like to call a Moron. An idiot and GTA 5 is better of without you IMO

      • STFU and buy some more shark cards!