GTA V DLC will rearrange cars in garage

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2014

The confusion about when Grand Theft Auto V DLC will allow you to rearrange cars in your garage is clear this weekend and while the 1.13 update is bringing this feature, not all gamers understand this fact and have been taking to forums and the newswire to ask questions on just this necessity. From the comments we’ve seen this week, users are unclear over the GTA V 1.13 update releasing on Tuesday and even some of the finer High Life features like owning a second apartment on another floor versus buying a property and rearranging cars in its garage.

We have heard about the desire to own more garages in the games online mode way before the GTA V 1.13 update, expected this Tuesday along with the new High Life content, although Heists will land in June. GTA V will get its next Online DLC with much more than just to rearrange the way cars are, but it seems this feature and owning more property is what players are really looking forward to more than additional cars and weapons.

To clarify to those of you that were unsure, you can see a video below this article that showcases a comment made by Brian B proving you will be able to rearrange cars in your online garage. Also, the GTA 1.13 patch has to come with the online update just like we’ve seen in the past, so that’s why Rockstar hasn’t felt the need to mention this fact.


There’s many other requests for future content that includes the stock market in GTA V online, Casino, and alien story expansion. Another desire that players keep asking for is more car customization, and we’re sure you’ll want to do much more to the cars you will be storing in all that extra garage space like adding body kits.


If you will be playing next Tuesday, what will you do first after High Life releases? Are you going to start rearranging cars in your garage right away, and how will you spend your bank balance?

Personally, we are really looking forward to seeing the GTA V 1.13 update bring this Online DLC for now and it’s surprising how fast time passes in the open world. Give us a couple of weeks playing around with our new property and cars, then we’ll be crying out for Heists and whatever Rockstar decide to give us after that. The story will certainly be needing more exploring if some people are to stick around, or in fact return to the game after a break.

The hints have been dropping for a while about more garages and property, so now this ability is just 3 days away, we have to wonder what the gamer wants other than Heists? There’s plenty of GTA V DLC needed and the story content will arrive sooner or later.

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  • GC8

    Hoping for a DLC that expands on the car customization. The only “unique” aspect about other players cars is the color, it’d be great to have different style body parts aside from the mostly standard “stock —> upgraded” line. For a game about cars, theres not much you can do with them.

  • obama_approved_it

    Waiting on the update like its black friday

  • Darius Atabaky

    its going to come out on USA time 00.00 UK will be 05:00 and others will 01.00 to 12.00

    • Jimy

      where can i find the time schedule? How do u know it?

  • Jimy

    do u think it will be released at 00:00?

  • happy easter

    segregate and rearrange!

  • Phillip Lane

    Does any1 know why my gtav online when in a private session, have no auto aim ? I only have free aim

    • Guest

      Check your menu. There should be an option in the settings tab to choose your aim mode.

  • Dylan Brantley

    If you’re a really really good sniper and a cool person shoot me a friend request on PSN to TrojansDB7, or a request to the crew True Fukn Killaz. I know this post isn’t about the update, but still. Ready for Tuesday.

  • Toshiro Hiroyuki

    is high life dlc free?

    • Ryan L.

      All DLC’s for GTA V are free.

  • Alijah

    I only got five hundred thousand but if you wanna compete for twenty thousand on Long Haul 2 I’m Deloriesb on PSN.I have an Xbox 360 but it red ringed otherwise I’d be killing everyone!!!No I wouldn’t, but I’m a pretty skilled racer when everyone races clean.

  • LyricMammal 58

    I’m going to spend spend spend

  • Cpsteel

    As excited as I am about the update, I may wait for the new apartment. I’m just under $13m, but it took R* long enough to get one garage right. Last thing I want is all my new & old cars disappearing. I’ll check the new clothing & rifle, a car or two for the old garage first.

  • tyrese

    looking forward to spend my 10million!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Cedeno

      Looking forward to spend my 15 million! !!!!!!!!

      • tyrese


        • tyrese

          got 11million now!!

        • Mark Cedeno


        • LyricMammal 58

          How do u get that much

      • trevor

        nice, been selling karin rebels bro?

  • Jesse

    Hmm looking forward to be able to spend my 200Million! 🙂

    • glenn quagmire

      Cheaters don’t deserve bragging rights…

      • LyricMammal 58

        How do u get 10 million I only have 2 mill

        • glenn quagmire

          I only have 700,000, because unlike the majority of people I refuse to cheat. Call me all you want, but @jesse people like you ruin this game for legitimate players.

        • Cpsteel

          I have $13m legit. You just gotta be willing to grind those missions, & take advantage of double $ days when R* has them…

        • William Airhart

          no life

        • ROSS15

          Exactly, I got around $5m. Grinding those missions, especially Rooftop Rumble haha. I’d like to make another million just in case, I’ve heard rumours (not saying they’re true) that there will be new paintjobs, tire smokes, horns for our cars. GOLD PAINTJOB IS $1M WTF… that’s insane!

        • eddie

          Gotta remember! ! After hiests come out those mil$ gold paint jobs will be nothin

        • Lemur

          Lol it’s not cheating, I have 1 mil, hell they even gave out billion dollar bounties

  • Dalton Michael Holmes

    Im gonna be broke when the update comes out lmfao. Add me on xbox CtrlAltxcrazyx

  • Dagoberto Pimentel

    Add me on psn and lets play gta:o, PR. <3

  • Branden

    Being able to rearrange my cars and store more cars with additional property is amazing, thank you Rockstar. Roll on Tuesday.