Bound by Flame Xbox One release date missing

If you have been looking out for Xbox One and PS4 game release dates in May 2014, one notable game on the list is the RPG Bound by Flame which launched at the end of the week.

The game is available to play on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC but unfortunately you may have been shocked to discover that there is no Bound by Flame Xbox One release date.

The game developed by Spiders has received mixed reviews so far, but we have seen the feedback from Xbox One owners who expected to buy this game along with the PS4 version.

You won’t have the option unfortunately though and it appears that there may have been some communications breakdown between the developers and Microsoft. In a statement dated back to January, here is what Spiders producer Walid Miled had to say about the issue:

“We don’t have plans right now for Xbox One. It’s not excluded, but we don’t have plans for it right now. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the development kits on time, and we didn’t want our schedule to slip, so. No plans right now for Xbox One.”

It’s not the kind of response that some fans were after though, as we can already see some backlash on social media. Take a look at what one angry gamer had to say on the lack of an Xbox One version.

Are you disappointed that you can’t play Bound by Flame on Xbox One? What do you really think went on behind the scenes with Microsoft and the developer? At least you can still play the Xbox 360 version.



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