Apple iPod touch 6, the natural 5 or 4 update

By Daniel Chubb - May 10, 2014

The Apple iPod touch 6 is coming and will have a release date at some point in fall 2014, the main reason this has to happen is how natural the update will be for 5th and 4th generation owners. They wouldn’t want to get an iPhone 6, in some cases, and we’ve seen and received enough testimonies from users to clearly see the need for an new 6th-gen iPod touch.

Once October arrives in 2014, it would have been two years since the 32GB and 64GB current generation models launched on October 11, 2012. Apple’s iPod touch 6 would likely have a release date within the same month, or at the earliest during an event in September this year.


Apple iPod touch 6 with fingerprint scanner, a natural update – whether you hate this feature, or not, it seems almost certain that TouchID will be included with the 6th generation model thanks to this being a natural upgrade on most Apple devices. You’re sure to see this feature on all iPhones, iPads, and iPods in time.

We touched on the iPod touch 6 release date still having a traditional launch window at the start of this year, and some of the best reasons to want the 6th-gen were given by our readers. Most iPod touch users, there’s a lot of them, wouldn’t want to see Apple discontinue the media player and users tend to keep the device for a long period of time before purchasing a new one.

One Product Reviews reader explained, “I hope the iPod touch 6th-gen arrives, I will upgrade from 4G to 6G. I reckon if Apple really delivers with a full upgrade, then we could see iPod Touch sales a lot higher”. Another added, “I have a bad feeling that Apple could be planning to stop production, I just hope I’m wrong as I want to see a sapphire crystal screen, Touch ID, and lower price point added this year”.

We’ve seen many reasons why the iPod touch is needed in the Apple product lineup and one of the best came in this comment, “I have a 4G iPod Touch and a 5G. The 5G goes to work and my office, on walks/hikes, and to the library. My 4G always stays at home and both still work great. I like my iPod touch on the coffee table for music while reading, and for quick weather updates or to check emails quickly. My favorite part about the iPod touch is how it delivers most of the iPhone features, but without having to pay for a monthly data plan thanks to many free wi-fi hotspots, and Internet at home. When the iPod touch 6G releases I will probably update for the faster chip and other new features expected after a 2 year gap, it’s a great value device that needs to stay”.


Glow in the dark iPod touch 6 – this seems like one of the craziest suggestions we received from our readers, but we can see the appeal if the specs were done right with mood changing features. Would you really want your new iPod touch to glow in the dark? There’s covers that do this right now, even if they wouldn’t be as fancy as something built-in.

Personally, we can’t help but notice the interest in the iPod touch decline since a high in 2010/2011. Apple will know this as well, and also back that data with falling sales, so it will be interesting to see what they do in late 2014. We hope they keep supporting an amazing device that is a great stepping stone to smartphones for kids, and an upgrade many would want over a phone. The fact Apple hasn’t mentioned the discontinuation, is another reason to expect something new rather than a replacement.

Let’s not forget the Dr. Dre Beats audio sale to Apple, so this would certainly stand a good chance of that technology or branding being included with future iPods in some way.

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  • David Walker

    I really hope they bring another gen out soon. My 4g is getting rather slow and it’s a pain that I can’t get half the apps I want with no iOS 7 upgrade for it :S
    If it happens later in the year, I’ll send mine in for repairs (it’s got a 3 year warranty and the home button and screen need fixing). Hopefully, with probably no 4g models left they’ll let me upgrade to the 6g for a small cost 😀
    Also, does anyone know how to backup apps properly for transferring game saves, etc?

  • Georgia Hampton

    I hope they release a ipod touch 6. Currently I’m stuck with the second generation version, which has the maximum battery life of an hour when playing games. Playing music has slightly longer more time before it runs out. Sure, it is better than nothing but with ios 4 (point something something) I can’t exactly download many games. I have no cameras AT ALL which makes even my phone a good thing to bring to places (though I would generally bring my camera instead). Until they release a ipod touch 6, I am stuck with my 5-year-old ipod touch.

  • asdf

    i wanna upgrade from 0g to 6g

  • asdf

    Make glow in the dark cases if you want them.

  • Kaos5505

    If they release a new ipod plenty of people will upgrade even if they have the 5th gen because after two years it kind of degrades. Especially the battery life.

  • Thirst McBurst

    Ever since my 4g got stolen I’ve been saving a lot of money for a new ipod. If a 6g does come out I would be really pleased. I too also would like to see the Touch ID it’d be pretty awesome

  • Tom turkey

    Ugh… Didn’t know about beats audio sale… That is the very it think for certain crowds yet audio quality is lower than items costing $30 unless you just want to hear bass pumping into your brain

    Lack of sales of ipod touch is not just that it is so close to phone while being a Gen behind…. Is also that it is so close to its own previous Gen so many don’t bother unless their old ones die. A radical change like much better screen resolutions, good gps for replacement of say a garmin color touchscreen gps and as with iPhone 6 either a larger screen or a second model with a larger… Say the 4.7 of the smaller iphone6 would do wonders for me.

    • Tom turkey

      ‘it’ THING

  • Rapunzel

    I love the iPod touch I currently have a 5th generation and already have the money to buy a 6th if Apple ever decides to release it…. I don’t know about others but I can’t wait any longer.

  • steve

    I hope they release a 6th Generation iPod Touch. My window to the Apple ecosystem.

  • John

    It would be cool if it can glow in the dark,but if Apple does that I hope there would be something in the settings that you can turn it off and on because it will be annoying at night that you see something lit up,that’s my opinion.I really like the Touch ID cuz I have the iPhone 5s and it is WAY easier to access your phone and you don’t have to type in your password.The only time I have to type it in is when I turn my cell off but that’s not a big deal.I really hope Apple will make and releases the iPod 6 this coming fall.I have been saving up money so I can buy it.

  • Sue

    Millions of people own the iPod touch, so a 6th generation would pay a lot of money to Apple thanks to many of us wanting to upgrade our 2Gs, 3Gs, 4Gs, and some even a 5G.