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Pokemon TV app needs Season 1

Are you a big fan of the Pokemon TV app for Android and iPhone? The popular app recently launched for Kindle Fire devices, but we’ve seen there is huge demand for a Pokemon TV app update, particularly an update that adds more organization to the episode list.

If you use the app now, you’ll notice that you simply won’t be able to use Pokemon TV to watch back to back episodes of Pokemon from Season 1 right through to the end.

Instead, the app features random episodes from various Pokemon regions and like most Pokemon fans there, the ability to watch Season 1 on the Pokemon TV app is just not there at the moment.

Hopefully an update will address the situation, as for now it isn’t really the definitive Pokemon app that most of you are after. However, it is free to download which is important to remember and it does provide easy and legal access to your favorite shows.

As you can see, many users are still delighted with the service that Pokemon TV offers, but we just think an update would make it so much better. We also see the demand for the Pokemon company to add the new episodes of Pokemon X and Y series on the Pokemon TV app too.

Let us know if you are a regular user of Pokemon TV. Do you agree that an update is needed to add Season 1 to the Pokemon TV app? Let’s hope we have some good news to share soon.



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