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Killzone: Shadow Fall new Canyon map

We have some good news for those of you who are still playing Killzone: Shadow Fall. Guerilla Games has sent out word to all players that more free DLC is on the way, starting with the Killzone Shadow Fall new Canyon map.

If you have been looking out for new maps to play, you are going to want to head back into the game on May 13. That means it will be available next week and you should be able to find the Killzone Shadow Fall Canyon download via the PlayStation Store.

Guerilla has been teasing the release of the map, in a Vine which we have included below. You really can’t fault Guerilla with the way they are handling add-on DLC, especially when you compare it to paid Call of Duty Ghosts DLC.

Canyon is a free map and Killzone players should feel very lucky as Guerilla could easily charge a small fee for it if they wanted, say $3 and gamers would still happily pay for the chance to play new content.

The fact that it is free though goes a long way and it should give Shadow Fall owners a good incentive to support Guerilla with the next paid content for the game, whatever that may be.

Let us know if you are still playing on Shadow Fall multiplayer servers and your thoughts on how Guerilla handle post-release DLC, compared to Infinity Ward and Activision.



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