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Agents of Shield app for Season 2

Are you a lover of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD TV show on ABC? If you have been following the news, you’ll should know that Agents of SHIELD Season 2 has just been confirmed.

We are however surprised to see that there is still no official Agents of SHIELD app for Android and iPhone and we hope that one is now on the way in time for Season 2.

If you love Marvel movies, the Agents of Shield show is absolutely must watch TV these days, especially with episodes that now tie in to the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies – Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier a recent example.

When Season 2 does arrive, we would hope that ABC are also planning to release an Agents of SHIELD companion app for the series. Right now, we can see that there are plenty of unofficial Agents of SHIELD apps available, but obviously it would be better if fans had an official one to enjoy.

The app could include video teasers from Episodes, some mini games and more importantly a detailed Bio section giving information on all members of the show, including SHIELD agents and superheroes.

It could be a great way to tie in to the show and also give Marvel fans in general something to use as a checker as they wait for the next big movie or game to land.

Let us know your reaction to the fact that ABC will renew Agents of SHIELD and give fans Season 2. Do you agree that there needs to be an official app released too? If so, make your voices heard below.



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