WWE 2K15 release date with Goldberg

Are you looking forward to the inevitable WWE 2K15 release date? We know that the game is on the way, but so far 2K are keeping fans waiting with an announcement, presumably which will now come at E3 2014.

That hasn’t stopped the WWE 2K15 rumors from floating around though and we have a rather big one to share with you now. Although not confirmed, reputable sources within the wrestling community are united in saying that the WWE 2K15 highlight star could be Bill Goldberg.

Information revealed here suggests that Goldberg is going to be a part of Wrestlemania 31 and part of those plans include getting him into WWE 2K15 as the main attraction.

The move is seen to be a similar strategy as what we saw with the late legendary Ultimate Warrior, whose comeback with the WWE was first seen by advertising the WWE 2K14 game.

With Goldberg on board, WWE 2K15 copies could sell through the roof and you just know that it will also lead to a return on WWE TV. We hope it happens too, but first we need more evidence on this before we treat it as fact.

Vince McMahon seems to be keen on attracting big name returns for the annual video games and there’s no denying that Bill Goldberg would be one of the biggest. Imagine seeing the WWE 2K15 Goldberg entrance running on PS4 and Xbox One hardware – we can’t wait for that.

What is your reaction to this, do you think it could be a reality in the future? Give us your other expectations of WWE 2K15 so far and what playable characters you want to see. We expect the WWE 2K15 to happen in October 2014, one year on from when WWE 2K14 released.

Enjoy a fan trailer below.



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