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Wildstar PC beta live month prior release

The wait to play the Wildstar PC beta is finally over, as we’re pleased to say that the open beta is available for everyone, meaning that players can try out the fantasy MMO this weekend ready for the final Wildstar release date on June 3.

We have just told you about one other fantasy RPG that is on this week with Bound by Flame, but Wildstar is PC only and is a pay to play game that requires a subscription.

That hasn’t stopped interest in the game though and you should head to your client now to try the game for free. The Wildstar open beta will run through until May 18 so you have 10 days to play to your heart’s content.

This new beta version will come with an increased level cap (30), while there will also be two new abilities and an ability slot to play with. Don’t forget that if you have already pre-ordered the game, you will be able to enjoy early access to Wildstar.

This means that those who pre-order can actually start playing the game on May 31st, which is three days before regular players gain access. You’ll also be able to reserve guild and character names so that you are fully set-up before your adventure begins.

How excited are you about Wildstar, considering that the game was initially due to come out at the end of 2013? Will this be the game that takes most of your time up throughout the Summer?



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