Wiedman Vs Machida prediction from EA Sports UFC

Last month we told you about the exciting bonus that gamers could get by pre-ordering EA Sports UFC. That bonus was the legendary Bruce Lee as a playable character, but now we have something else to share with regards to the upcoming game.

Those that follow the sport regularly will know that there is a big UFC 751 fight card which features Chris Wiedman Vs Lyoto Machida for the UFC middleweight championship.

That match won’t take place until July 5, but we offer something interesting for those that are also thinking about picking up EA Sports UFC that launches on June 17, 2014.

A recent video released by EA Sports actually offers a prediction for that fight. Skip to 0.56 on the video and you’ll see the spectacular EA Sports UFC graphics on show, during a fight sequence between the champ Wiedman and Machida.

The video shows Wiedman picking up a victory with a single-leg takedown followed by submission, but what will the actual result be on July 5? The video is fairly old now so some of you may have seen this already, what you won’t have seen though is brand new screenshots of Lyoto Machida’s facial features up close – check this out here.

Enjoy the clip and let us know if you are definitely going to buy EA Sports UFC this Summer. Was the move to give EA the rights from THQ a blessing in disguise?



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