PS4 waiting to install COD DLC issue

- May 8, 2014

Some Call of Duty: Ghosts owners stayed up late in the United States or took the day off in the UK, but both gamers in different locations around the world might have an issue today after downloading the Devastation Content Pack. There seems to be a PS4 waiting to install DLC issue that might not stop you playing multiplayer or getting hands-on with the new maps, but this problem is certainly confusing a few people.

You can see exactly what we mean in the screenshot above that we took a few moments ago, obviously after choosing to download both Devastation Content Pack files. We touched on the two files being listed in our article explaining the new COD: Ghosts DLC went live, although it should be noted that this isn’t the first time more than one map pack file has been listed.

Another screenshot we took can be seen below, and this is still how our Onslaught DLC looks many days after we downloaded it. The first file installed just fine and we can play with the new sniper weapon and maps, but the other file just has the PS4 message “waiting to install” within the download notifications. We’ve heard from other Product Reviews readers with exactly the same problem.


Did you figure out why there’s always more than one file to download for each COD: Ghosts DLC map pack? It is not good for those that download both files at more than 5GB each, especially if they have slower broadband connections. The problem is, it’s hard to find out which file to choose between the two, and this is made harder by each one having exactly the same name.

We have heard a few rumors claiming that the files are for different locations, although that seems strange when the PlayStation Network should only offer the correct download for your location in the first place rather than two files.

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  • moriarty_1975

    Always use the ingame store. That way you’ll only download the version for your Ghosts disc’s region.

    On the E.U store there are two files. One is EFIGS (English/French/Italian/German/Spanish) the other one is the Russian/Polish version. You ONLY need to download the one for whatever version you have.

    Yes, SCEE could make it clearer but until then, just use the ingame store.

  • Eoin

    My screen shot would be very similar except mine is not installed properly, it says installed but cannot see mayday in choose map.

    Please help

  • ghost

    If purchase it in psn then back out without downloading. After go into ghost multi player then select the store option in game and go to map download and select devastion. it only show the 5.5 gb to download and not two files as in psn