New Elder Scrolls Online PS4, Xbox One release date?

By Daniel Chubb - May 8, 2014

It looks like we could see a new Elder Scrolls Online PS4 and Xbox One release date, if a rumor landing today is anything to go by, and this would mean a launch on the latest consoles around fall 2014. The claims started after a line of text was found on an official frequently asked questions page, but then it got removed shortly after.

You can see a screenshot of the page in question above, and this was taken before the line of text got removed. It clearly reveals there will be “six more months” needed to release Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One and PS4, and the June 30 release date isn’t going to be possible at this time.

Will you be disappointed if there’s a new Elder Scrolls Online release date for PS4 and Xbox One, which will be more like December? Bethesda clearly didn’t mean to make that information public, although someone did and made the details live within their official FAQ section. We are now waiting to hear a comment from Bethesda, and of course if they can confirm the change in dates.

You can also read about preparations that were being made for the new console launches back in April, and also some great UK chart success after the current system launches.

We’ll be sure to update Product Reviews readers if the new PS4 and Xbox One release dates get confirmed, or if in fact this is an error that gets corrected in the coming hours with a comment. Thanks for the image goes to this Reddit user.


You can see another support page from the official ESO pages above and this currently states that the release date for PS4, and Xbox One, is still set for June.

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  • Zuma

    The constantly extended release dates for the games on Xbox One are starting to piss me off. Most games are pushed back a few weeks, or a month or two. And now, this particular game, the one I am most excited for, might be pushed back to the fall or beginning of winter.

    And while on the topic of the new elder scrolls, I’ve always loved the solo aspect of the elder scrolls. Now, as it seems, it might be ruined. I have read quite a few articles about how the game is still going to allow for every quest to be done in solo, however I’ve also seen that it may be so hard you have to have a friend (which is annoying because I’m the only one of my friends who got the Xbox One AND wants this game), and I think it will all be ruined if you have to have a friend. The friend aspect will also have its downfall because if you do end up breaking down and finding a partner, what if they take all the loot, don’t share, and you’re stuck with nothing? Then you kill things and level up, don’t get any better stuff, but now just because you’re a higher level, the game automatically adjusts to your difficulty (YET YOU NEVER ACTUALLY GAINED BETTER EQUIPMENT TO DEFEND AGAINST SUCH DIFFICULTY). Even if you don’t use a friend to help out, and technically you’re going solo, will some random player in the mega-server be able to just walk up and kill me? I’m not quite sure how I want to rate this game from the information I’ve heard. It could be a 0/5, it could be a 5/5. This is the very reason I have yet to purchase the Imperial pack.

    I don’t know what made you guys as a company decide to make multiplayer anyways, but there is a much better way of doing it even if it must be so. You could have just made 4 game modes.
    1. Single Player (For people who enjoy that single player aspect like me)
    2. Private Match (For people who have specific friends they want to play with and no one else)
    3. Guild Multiplayer (Guilds can play together as a team if they would like) (I’m not sure if guilds actually are a thing, but I placed this in-case )
    4. Multiplayer (The player joins an open world, and any other players who get online may be placed in this world with them, as recommendation, I would say this server has a limit around 30 or 40)

    Obviously this seems well thought out, considering I am no game developer, just a teenager who would like to play a game that’s actually fun. I must give you guys props for Skyrim, I started playing that game a while ago, and still to this very day, I am playing as a level 60 Khajjit. You guys had a well thought out solo game with intricate detail, lengthy quest-line, multiple NPC interactive world, guild abilities, great DLC additions, amazing quantity of weapons, apparels, potions,etc., along with small but detailed side/miscellaneous quests, and an amazing variety of possible skill paths.

    This is the game-play I was so looking forward to in a elder scrolls 6, but I’m afraid it could be ruined. I know this is a lot to read, and if you actually do read all this, you would realize I’m a guy who has a lot on his mind. The Elder Scrolls series has been an amazing series to me for when I wanted to play a game, because you guys just knew how to make the perfect game. I hope that however you make this game, you make it to the liking of the players, not just the big bucks you get from sales. I guarantee if you use some tips given by true players like myself, you guys will make an extra 20-30% money bonus. I hope that somebody sees this, and I didn’t just post this for nothing, but if someone does and wants to mention about it, my gamer-tag is “Classic Zuma”.

    Hope the elder scrolls is enjoyable, peace out.

    • CDR Cousland

      Elder Scrolls Online isn’t Elder Scrolls VI. This is solidly an MMO that expands the universe, a side venture if you will. There will still be an Elder Scrolls VI that will be more along the lines of previous titles like Skyrim and Oblivion. I definitely hear you though. I would much rather explore it all solo, but I seriously doubt that is possible. The question is will there be enough that can comfortably be done solo or with one friend to be worth it for gamers like us.

      • chap baker

        Are they ever going to release the game? Its the only reason i bought the ps4. I hate waiting. I think they bit off more than they can chew. They need to compensate for the wait.