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Make it Rain app update feeds addiction

App developers have caught on quick because they know the way to keep you addicted to the game is by coming up with something that is both simple, yet fun. Once you are hooked that is when you become trapped and need to be able to feed the addiction. One app that has been doing this so well is Make It Rain: The Love of Money.

Players have found that they have become hooked on this app and as a way to help feed this addiction because the game is so addictive, the developers recently released a Make it Rain update for the iPhone and iPad.

Make It Rain: The Love of Money version 1.2 features – The developer has now lowered the frequency of FBI investigations, some of the bugs that affected investments reducing financial rate have also been resolved, as has a few other bugs. The app has also undergone a revamp to make it much faster, as there were times when its performance was not as it should be.

Some people see this as a stupid game, although it is often the silly ones that become the most addictive, look at Flappy Birds or even Temple Run, both are simple but highly popular, or they were.

Make it Rain app update

Looking at the reviews there are some of you who believe that this app is all about making money because you are often forced to spend money by buying bribe cards. The thing is, this is a worrying trend with many apps now, but we cannot blame people for making a living, and it is not like you are being forced to install the app.

If you have yet to experience the Make It Rain: The Love of Money app, then we have embedded a video for you to view below.



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