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LeBron James app that is on iOS

A few days ago we reported on the release of the LeBron James app for Android, which is an official app from Samsung giving fans an insight into his life with never before seen footage. At that time we told you that there was no LeBron James iOS app, but that isn’t exactly true.

Before we even start, we were not trying to mislead you a few days ago because there is still no official LeBron app for the iPhone or iPad, but there is an unofficial one and it isn’t what you think.

The app in question has a name too long to even want to write it, and so we ask that you head over to iTunes, once you have finished reading that is. So what is this app? It is another Flappy Bird knockoff staring LeBron James.

Looking at the images of this app above and below some of you may find it offensive, but you have to take this app at face value, and that is to have some fun, and this app definitely delivers on that.

Lebron James iOS app

The Floppy King James app sees you trying to guide James along without hitting the bricks, although we are certain you already know the rules of the game as we have seen it manifest so many times before. However, this is slightly different because the pipes have been replaced with pillars.

It has been suggested that the app was developed to dis James, but it has been given 4 out of 5 stars and as such has proven to be a very popular take on Flappy Birds.



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