GTA V Heists release with Watch Dogs

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2014

Now that we finally know the confirmed GTA V High Life update release date, most GTA V players have noticed that Rockstar still hasn’t mentioned Heists, the content that is thought to be the last on the way for the planned GTA V Spring updates.

The High Life will definitely be happening on May 13, with Rockstar unusually breaking tradition and revealing an exact release date for one of their planned updates.

After that though, all eyes are once again on Heists and whether Rockstar can deliver their worst kept secret before the June 20 and the end of Spring 2014 deadline.

We are continuing to see lots of speculation on the GTA V Heists release date, but what we haven’t talked about is the interesting possibility of Rockstar perhaps delaying Heists until the global release date of Watch Dogs.

Remember that Watch Dogs is due out on May 27 and it could be an ideal and rather genius way for Rockstar to keep everyone fixed to GTA V Online servers on the day that Watch Dogs launches.

Will Heists launch on the same day as Watch Dogs?

Will Heists launch on the same day as Watch Dogs?

Ubisoft’s game is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2014 and we’ve heard feedback from many of you who are more than happy to leave GTA V once Watch Dogs arrives.

Rockstar may be sensing that many of their players will also leave GTA V, so what better way than to lure them back with the temptation of Heists?

This very possibility has been discussed in the video from CVG below, which you can listen to from the 7.15 point onwards. If Heists does come out on May 27 it would be exactly two weeks between the High Life update, so we wouldn’t rule it out completely from happening.

Obviously this isn’t a confirmation but it is very interesting to think about if you wonder why Heists still hasn’t released, plus why Rockstar remained silent when talking about the High Life update a few days ago.

Are you starting to believe that this possibility could become reality? Business is business after all and Rockstar will want to retain interest in GTA V online numbers as much as possible – players leaving for Watch Dogs wouldn’t be good for them, especially with more GTA V DLC on the way during the year.

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  • BillPinkNye

    Sold my copy of gta. No more rock star games for this guy, no reason to keep people waiting as long as they did. Buying watch dogs out of spite.

    • Cpsteel

      You didn’t sell anything…Give me a break!! Wah! Wah! R* took too long with their FREE!!! DLC. I can’t understand people crying about not getting something free soon enough. If you paid extra for Heists on October 1st, I’d say you had a point, but you don’t. Watch Dogs had people waiting for almost 6 months for their whole game…supposed to have been November, but you’re sure jumping in their lap, huh? And before you say, “Bro, you mad?” … No, I’m as happy as can be…Peace!!

      • Truegamr5

        It WAS supposed to be released when the game

        • Truegamr5

          came out, if rockstar waited and delayed the game a bit, I’m positive the game would have been much better with heists in it at launch. That’s what Watch_dogs did and it’s going to be a better game because of that.

        • Hi Be

          You’re not retarded right? Watch dogs mp is basically invading,hacking and escaping…and that sounds like boring as staring at a wall…the heists in SP came out in the game,they never promised heists at Oct 1,they only promised it as part of the MP experience.MP adds more diversity to the game than Watch dogs does as a whole,Watch dogs didn’t want to compete with GTA that’s why it was delayed.I actually saw the demos back in 2013 and that game had in game map loading,something Rockstar removed completely in Gta V,they delayed their game to get to Rockstar’s standard while it isn’t even half of Rockstar’s standard.It won’t critically touch Gta V and even though comparisons would be drawn for both these different games,Gta would deliver while Watch dogs is another hyped not so good ubisoft game,its going to follow the Titanfall route…

        • NiggaFaggot

          I poop retarded.

        • Cpsteel

          I personally don’t remember R* committing Heists to a launch release, but maybe you’re right. But you’re saying they should’ve withheld Gta v another six months? Don’t you remember all the craziness when they pushed it back from May? And I am a big fan of most Ubisoft games, but the production value isn’t even close to R*. Most honest people would agree with that. And even Ubisoft said when they saw Gta v for the first time, “Holy crap! We can’t release anywhere close to this game!” And they were right. I just find it disingenuous for someone to say they’re done with R* because of delays, but willing to jump to Ubisoft who all but admitted that their delay was a direct result of Gta v’s greatness.

    • CptD3FAULT

      As if anyone cares about your gaming affair. Get over yourself.