GTA V mental state update usefulness

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2014

The GTA V 1.13 update will release in 5 days time along with a number of fixes and new features, although one of the interesting additions to Grand Theft Auto Online will be a new mental state status. While exploring in the multiplayer open world, you will meet a variety of players and after the High Life update a new stat will show next to these gamers detailing some insight into their personality.

We have to wonder what our diagnosis will be, a friendly type or psycho? If Rockstar is considering our past actions, then we could be labeled psychotic and it will be interesting to see if we get other players avoiding us, or almost every encounter we make ends up in a fight thanks to our new mental state. The usefulness of this feature is yet to be seen, although there’s no doubt a number of our readers have made up their mind already way before the GTA V 1.13 update lands.


One Product Reviews reader highlighted how it will be interesting to see their mental state stat after being very unpredictable, saying “I sometimes hang with people for days and then kill them once they think I’m a friend, which makes a great picture”. Another added, “This is a strange feature considering some people keep hunting you, forcing a kill sometimes and this could turn my friendly nature with most players into a psycho label. You can’t go through GTA 5 without killing anyone, patch 1.13 and High Life is going to be an curious update”.

Will GTA V players really care about people’s mental state during an online session? Next Tuesday’s patch could lead to you wanting to avoid certain people, or you might hunt down the killers and give them a taste of their own medicine. However you decide to play it, you can count on the new GTA Online mental state stat adding something new to the game and certainly a little more insight into the characters you’ll meet each day.


Personally, our expectations are that Rockstar will score you based on how many people you kill within a certain time and add in some bad taste things to the mix. They will need to know the difference between people defending themselves and those that kill just for the sake of it.

Leave a comment below with your predicted label, do you think you’ll be Jack the Ripper or the Big Friendly Giant? Next Tuesday is going to be great in GTA V, bring on the 1.13 update and High Life.

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  • Brian Blair

    Players should join together and refuse to accept this shix! All we have to do is ignore it!

  • Bryan Duncan

    This update made me not want to play the game anymore. :/ I’m simply killing civilians, waiting for my friend to get on, and the “Mental State” BS keeps rising. ._. This game has really gone downhill, since it came out. :/ And since I’m low level(mostly because I got the “infinite loading screen of death” on my last game disc, so I haven’t played in months), I can’t really defend myself when someone comes after me, so I would be screwed big time if that happened. I only play now, because that is the only game my friends play anymore. :/

  • Sandwich

    This is no longer GTA. Sad actually how R* keeps downgrading the game when they should have just leave it alone from the start. Have to say I won’t be getting any more of their games nor will be playing GTA much now.

  • Frenzied

    Me and my crew are going to purposely max out our “mental state”, so players either try hunting us, or avoid us. Though this is a pretty terrible feature, what were the developers thinking when they added it?

  • LostmymindSantos

    This sucks. All i gotta do is kill a civi and it goes up. Part of the game is raising hell. Maybe not killing other people but causing havoc in LS certainly. I shoot a cop…it goes up…blow up a car…it goes up. But i dont actively kill other players, i try to avoid it. So im being punished for playing the game. Way to go rockstar!

    • Jordan Nickel

      yea i’m not a fan. im probably the friendliest person you’ll meet on GTAV but im not the best at driving so on a regular basis i careen off the street and run of dozens of people… my new Huntley really isnt helping…

  • Andrew

    Already found out that defending yourself still makes your mental state go up. Way to go Rockstar. Only a matter of time before everyone is at the highest

  • Mac

    This feature is Rockstar’s way of telling you who in the lobby is a dickhead. Nothing else.

  • Damon

    Love it. Hope they go by kill death ratio and show that I’m nothing to be messed with

  • Aidan McGirr

    I’m definitely going to be shown as the friendly type

  • Ghost240

    Is the patch really coming out next Tuesday or
    is this another guess?

  • David

    I agree this is gonna suck what if you meet a girl online but your mental state is serial rapist?

    • greenrandy

      are you really thinking of picking up chicks through a video game?

  • Anonymous

    Omg, this just pisses me off. Half the fun of GTA, or any game for that fact, is guessing what the player will do next. Even if you decide to ignore it, other will certainly use it to destroy you. I can seem some advantages to this but really? This is just ruining everything that makes encounters with other players fun. I may be completely wrong about how this will work. I must say, this is the kind of thing that would keep me from playing if it is what i expect it to be. Let us see how the cards unfold with this feature.

  • KillingClown

    I will be the Killing Clown, always hunting people and having fun. It will be interesting to see how people treat me after next weeks update.