COD: Ghosts DLC 3, Invasion release and insight

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2014

Now that COD Ghosts Devastation has been successfully released on all platforms, attention has once again shifted back over to Xbox and the upcoming COD Ghosts DLC 3 release date, otherwise known as the COD Ghosts Invasion map pack.

We can tell you that there are all sorts of rumors flying around, as well as multiple ‘leaked’ images suggesting that we already know what the COD Ghosts Invasion release date will be, as well as the four maps and weapon you’ll get with the pack.

Nobody knows for sure though, as Activision has not said anything on the matter. What we do have now is apparent sources confirming that the COD Ghosts Invasion release date will be on June 3 for Xbox One and Xbox 360, although we really can’t put our weight behind it yet without further evidence.

Especially when there are additional leaks being released on Twitter offering different dates. Look at the image below and you’ll see a release date of June 10 mentioned instead. We do get four possible maps named though and they are Control, Palace, Mortar and Torn.

There are also supposed detailed on the COD Ghosts Invasion weapons as well, as you can see there that a Classics pack is mentioned. We have taken a look at the guns and it looks like they are the UMP, SCAR, and Intervention – the latter of which would be big news for old school COD players if true.

Remember that this image could well be a professional photoshop job. We’ve seen it before in the past and we’re sure we’ll see it again too. It’s a nice insight though, so let us know your expectations of the COD Ghosts Invasion pack.

Would you love to see a Classics weapon pack as highlighted in the image above?

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  • chris

    The June 10th date isn’t correct because if you go to the CoD Ghosts Extinction forum the moderator highlighted June 3rd as the “correct answer”. So either this is fake (most likely) or the moderator on their own site has bad info

  • Josh

    I reject my first statement and want to make known that unless the bring back cod4 which won’t happen and change nothing I don’t see myself buying anymore future cod games I think the game has got way outta hand and to make matters worse they rebuild off what someone else has already done so please if anyone is reading this remaster cod 4 and don’t touch anything bring back true and I mean true dedicated servers I’m tired of the hackers the people who see you a second before you see them but that would cost millions and since a business is a business I don’t see that happening and even as furious as I am with ea they bring more to table as far as a stable backbone with true dedicated servers sure the tick might be low but better than the hybrid servers

  • Josh

    Well Idk I’m torn between yeah its sorta cool to have weapons from mw2 but when I pay for something new I actually want something new. Also will the ump still kill from across the map lol