COD: Ghosts Devastation DLC live, 2 PS4 files

By Daniel Chubb - May 8, 2014

This is a quick update to let Product Reviews readers know that the Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC is live on Sony’s PS4, we have installed the download and are currently playing the new maps. This is good news for those of us that hate watching Xbox users playing for a number of days already, thanks to a timed exclusive with Microsoft, and the release time went ahead just as we thought.

It is worth noting that we did have a few problems downloading the COD: Ghosts Devastation DLC, and this was due to high demand right now that we felt during our PS4 download. It took much longer to get the content than normal, so if you’ve had issues with your download, then leave a comment below.

You can see a screenshot above that we took while downloading the new COD: Ghosts maps, now it is time to get hands-on just like many of our readers plan to do today. Again, share a comment if you planned this day ahead of time, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a number of you skipped work or school, although not the best of ideas.

How has your experience with the new COD: Ghosts Devastation DLC been so far on PS4? Share a comment below.


You might also be wondering what download to install from the two available, which can be seen in the above screenshot we took before downloading. Most of you might just decide to download both and install them, although considering the 5.2GB and 5.5GB download size for each “Devastation Content Pack”, this might not be a good idea for slower broadband connections.

Did you install both COD: Ghosts Devastation downloads, or just picked one? If you only selected one, did everything appear once you got playing?

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  • 907

    I downloaded the map but know it is saying waiting to install, I restarted the console but still same msg appears, I can’t play the game…….

  • tyler

    I can’t get the thing to download fast enough. I,m getting 63 hr time. Tried restarting it a few times and not any better. I just downloaded 4 gigs in 40 mins? Why so slow with this one?

  • paul joss

    Mine dose not worķ too what am I to do ???

  • Dharak

    I only have one file and it’s 5.4 gb but It gets stuck on waiting to install!!!! I bought it on the Canadian store and my disk is from India but it says newzeland and Australia in the cover. Btw the in game store doesn’t open

  • Seadreamer_

    I got 3MB ADSL internet connection. I got chicken wire servicing my ISP. Both combined files downloading is totally stupid. Friggin developers, packagers, quality controllers, marketeers etc. where are these people, we don’t all have the choice of fibre. Very disappointed with Ghosts.

    Time for something new. With new PS4 update 1.7, GHOSTS was the only broken element and Sony didn’t need to patch to resolve. I was playin other games online without a hitch.

    Broaden ur minds, look for other content, Child Of Light is an amazing game.

    There’s always another choice. We need 2 weaken these big boys so they deliver content that simply works, their games are always broke 4 months.

  • sterling

    Very disappointed with the PS4’s map pack updates. The download availability/stability is worse than it was with the PS4! Day 2 and still trying to install…

  • soma

    I installed and I can not get any maps to work on my PS4 I have only seen the old maps.

  • mol

    cannot install (ce-33177-1) help!!!

  • demetrio

    purchase but then dlc doesent get added to downloads is it normal?

    • You have to click download after you’ve bought it… 😉

  • demetrio

    purchase but then dlc doesent get added to downloads is it normal?

  • ryan

    Mine has been stuck on waiting to install? Any ideas why?

    • linds

      same with mine, did you work anything out?

    • If it says waiting to install you’ve downloaded the wrong file.
      I’ve gotten two files in my downloads from Ghosts almost every time and one of them always stays on “waiting to install”.

  • for season pass holders can we delete the second version with rp at the end of it ??

    • You can delete the one that says waiting to install, the other one that says installed the game is using and if you delete that you have to download it again.

  • mussinata

    absurd having 2 files with no different reference… cod really sucks for updates and DLC, the only game that made ps3 and ps4 collapse
    i just deleted both (Italy) because it would take 6h, got back to the shop and just one appeared!!!! the 5483MB…
    really absurd…
    trying downloading it…

    • Yh the 5483MB is the one I’m currently downloading too.
      I’m pretty sure it’s the onewe need unless you live in Russia or Poland I believe 🙂
      It’s taking me 15 hrs to download that one alone so I would had taken me a full day to DL both!

      Thank you for making it easy for your consumers Infinity Ward… lol

  • Nathyboyhd

    The only one coming up for me is the 1st DLC pack the 2nd one isn’t there can anyone help me 🙁

  • Me

    I go on the store through cod and only the one I need apears. If I go on the ps store both appear.

  • Daze

    5,4 gb works for Germany

    • Grotleren

      Thank you dude, I’m downloading the same file so I think that’s the one I need then 🙂

  • Grotleren

    I’ve read around and in the previous DLC the biggest file was the right one for UK so it’s probably the biggest one I need too.
    Can anyone who’s installed Devastation confirm this?
    The file I’m currently downloading is 5483 MB big, the 5.2 GB one I think that’s russias file.

    • highlumen

      Well this all very confusing, just got in and went straight to download the Devastation pack and found two files. The first is 1063MB and has the notation “[R P]” after the title and the second is 1241MB, but without the notation. Usually each pack is for a different language, but this time it’s not clear. I’m downloading the one without presuming that’s the English version. No sign of 5GB+ downloads though! that’s a little worrying????

      Ah, just seen the 5GB d/l’s appear to be for the PS4 – maybe better res graphic files????

      UK PS3

      • hey man just wondering which one you downloaded im a season pass holder and it has come up with two versions can i delete the rp one ??

        • highlumen

          Hey, you’ve probably already done so, but the file you need to download is just the 1241MB VERSION without the r p notation. If you’ve already downloaded both you can delete the r p version…. Hope this helps…..

  • Grotleren

    Ok my internet sucks so I deleted one of the files to download the other quicker.
    Season pass holders gets one file for ordinary locations and one for poland and russia.
    Could anyone answer me and say which one says installed and which one says waiting to install for you?
    I’m in Europa not russia so don’t need their files too 😛

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    Wow im only gettn 1 file and it keeps havn a error downloading and i installing ps4 suxs ps3 i had it first in downloaded it like that fast with no issues and its free too play i want a refund so bad on my ps4 just issues everytime and controller R2 breaks everytime 15 days later new controller i k now never believe in hype and stick with what works ya graphics better on ps4 but at what price in aggravation is it worth it no

  • Harris

    I just installed both the files, but it is a good job I got 54MBs with BT in the UK. While it didn’t go that fast thanks to PSN and demand, my download was still faster than most.

    • tyrone


    • tyrone

      Any idea which file is which? Both the 5.2 and 5.5 gb files are titled the same, but my internet is slower.

      • Grotleren

        yh same here, the file that’s meant for the Russians is useless to me.

      • Tom

        Think the 5.5gb is english version, trying to download that one. Seriously, COD is multibillion franchise, they should be able to label these downloads properly on PS4!!!!