Bound by Flame release date early

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2014

PS4 owners have been spoilt for choice lately with the amount of new games releasing. If you want to take a break from this month’s free PS Plus game Stick it to the Man, one new game that you may be interested in checking out is Bound by Flame.

The Bound by Flame release date is approaching very soon, with the game coming out on PS4, but also PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. What we wanted to tell you though, is that although the official release date is set for Friday May 9, we can confirm that some users have been able to pick up the PS4 version early and are already playing it.

This has been confirmed in a Tweet below, revealing that GameStop appear to be selling PS4 copies ahead of the launch date. We have no idea why this is happening, but obviously you don’t want to ask too many questions if it means being able to play the game before everyone else.

As big fans of fantasy RPGs ourselves, we really hope that Bound by Flame does well upon release. There seems to have been a very positive reaction to the game during development, so let us know if you will be picking up a copy this week.

Even better, can you also confirm that you’ve been able to get a PS4 copy early via GameStop? We would love to know your early impressions of the game so far.

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  • Jose

    Confirmed I just went into my Gamestop in Harrisburg, PA with the intention to do a last second pre-order but the guy just sold it to me instead, and I’m putting it into my PS4 as we speak.

  • MrKupka

    Confirmed. Called my Gamestop in Portland, OR and they said they’ll sell it to me.

  • charlie

    Hey guys, I got the game since Tuesday and I got to admit, it reminds me of the first Dragon Age, with better graphics, as well as having a nice challenging aspect, because the game makes you use more tactics, such as using traps, as well as prompting you to try the different fighting styles (warrior, rogue and pyromancer)… The more I play it, the more I like it! Not the most amazing and stunning RPG out there, but def one of the few and greatest options out there for PS4 users! I must say it is def worth the price of $50! I hope this helps and I am certain that any RPG/Action-Adventure players will enjoy this game 😀

  • Oz Romero

    Is this game worth buying? ….I wonder why it’s only $50 and not the regular $60 ?

    • ColonelBoston

      It’s $40 & $50 because it’s a small studio launching a brand new IP right before Watch Dogs launches. Wolfenstein also launches next week & ESO is scheduled to launch on console next month. Thus, a cheaper release.

      • Don

        ESO jas been delayed 6 months

        • ColonelBoston

          Yeah, saw that after I posted.

      • Oz Romero

        Thank you very much for your reply….I understand now….I went and picked up a copy of bound by flame at best buy yesterday and I must say I really enjoy playing this game on my ps4. ..and I happened to pay less at best buy due to some reward zone points I had so Kool and they even gave me a $10 gift card…..Once again thank you

  • Travis Akalan

    I have been playing it since Tuesday. PSN allowed purchase and play when the weekly update happened!

    • THEundying27

      I’m on the fence about this game, are you enjoying it?

      • kory

        Im loving it man.. The first sleeper on the ps4 for sure

        • THEundying27

          Very nice. Is the game pretty stable when there’s a lot of action going on?

      • FinalDodo

        Gamespot gave it poor marks on their review for the PC version 🙁

    • FinalDodo

      Yeah what’s the word. Looks solid, but then… there’s always the lure of another run through Dark Souls.

    • Oz Romero

      Is this game worth getting? I been looking for a solid rpg on the ps4. ..and I’m not sure if I should buy this game?