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By Alan Ng - May 8, 2014

We are now in May, but it looks like most of you can’t seem to let the now-infamous Cartoon HD app go. Most of you are still asking questions such as “How do I find the Cartoon HD app”, but should you be interested, you may want to be on the look out for apps similar to Cartoon HD as there are some alternatives.

Then again, there is still the debate brewing on if Cartoon HD is safe or not. Apple removed the app for a good reason and some of you may just want to trust your instincts and not go near any copyrighted content, especially if it prompts you for updates directly on your homescreen before opening the app.

The Cartoon HD download link appears to have disappeared for good, with the app both unavailable from the App Store and Google Play Store. Why Cartoon HD was removed is an obvious question most of you are asking, but that hasn’t stopped various copycat clones from appearing online attempting to offer a similar service.

Do a simple search on the Google Play store and we can see that there is one Cartoon HD app alternative called “Cartoon TV”, which looks to offer content similar to what Cartoon HD offered – free episodes of Spider-Man and HeMan for example.

This time, there is a disclaimer saying that the author isn’t personally responsible for the content included in the app which has apparently come from an “external source”, but should you still trust it even then?

Have you found your Cartoon HD app clone?

Have you found your Cartoon HD app clone?

One word of warning though, do not be tempted to install spam software, as we can also see that other naughty developers are uploading Cartoon HD download clones for iPhone and Android.

One example of this can be seen with the “Cartoon Full Movie HD” app. The description claims to offer different cartoons and has been designed with children in mind. However, take a glance through the comments on the Google Play store and you’ll see that most users are complaining that the app is full of spam and the video links provided do not work.

Cartoon HD may seem like the holy grail at the moment, but just be careful when you are hunting around trying to find another Cartoon HD app or something similar.

Get in touch with us if you have been able to find an app that is similar to Cartoon HD on iPad, iPhone or Android, which was free and is still hosted legally on the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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  • step07

    The ‘showbox’ app is similar, it’s android only but works on blackberry 10 too
    It’s much more organised and is better for TV series.
    Not sure how well it preforms on android phones but it runs brilliantly on blackberry 10

    • dz11

      Showbox is no where near as good. Cartoons HD was the perfect app. Such a shame it’s not working any more.

      • Ryan

        I hope it comes back soon

        • dz11

          It’s not coming back. Big business in Hollywood has closed it down. All the more reason to not pay them more money and to find an alternative to Cartoon HD.

  • Frankie

    When I put cartoon had on recently it told me I wouldn’t be able to watch this for much longer and needed to install from an American website address what does this mean?

  • Debbie

    I watch cartoon HD and love it, best movie app I have ever download so thumbs up for me.

    • Android TV guy

      I have working cartoon HD app for android like my page
      On Facebook android TV guy