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100 balls app addiction Vs Flappy Bird

If you thought Flappy Bird was addictive, one other new game that you may want to try out is 100 balls for iPhone and iPad. Flappy Bird was a simple game, but we think 100 balls is even more simpler and perhaps even more addictive than Flappy Bird.

The 100 balls app download is now available from the App Store, but unfortunately it is only out for iOS at the moment – with no 100 balls Android release date in sight yet.

Gameplay is simple, tap to release balls into a cup and try to earn as many points as possible. If you miss the cup with your balls then you’ll lose a cup. The game ends when you have no more balls or cups available, with the game increasing speed and difficulty as you gain more points.

Some users have already become addicted to the game, but perhaps it is early days to say that it is more addictive than Flappy Bird. We love the simple design though and especially love the music soundtrack – it does sound a bit like Muse’s Starlight, does anyone else agree?

Try out 100 balls for yourself now and let us know what your current 100 balls high score is. Would you say it is more enjoyable and addictive than Flappy Bird?



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