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Shaman Hearthstone deck spotlight

Is Hearthstone the most addictive card game that you have played in recent years? While other users are patiently waiting for information regarding Hearthstone on iPhone and Android, we have seen other users ponder playing the game using Shaman Hearthstone decks and whether they are viable compared to other packs.

Hearthstone Shaman decks are fun to use particularly due to the Overload advantages on offer, but at the same time your tactics need to be planned carefully in order not to lose advantage when your turn is up.

This week, we offer a quick heads-up with a Shaman Hearthstone deck guide and a general analysis on how the Shaman pack plays when against another Shaman head to head.

The video below previews a full match between two Shaman decks, offering 16 minutes of action that should give you a good idea on whether you want to start using Shaman decks yourself.

Watch it and let us know what your current Hearthstone strategy for success is. For those of you who are also playing with Hearthstone Shaman builds, what tips would you recommend for beginners?



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