Mass Effect 4 possibilities before E3 news

With all of the excitement involving E3 2014 and known games that are heading for reveals at the annual event, one game that you may have forgotten about in recent weeks is Mass Effect 4.

We know that the game is in development from series developers Bioware, but so far there is no official Mass Effect 4 release date and Bioware has also said that the game may not even be called Mass Effect 4 with the trilogy seemingly over after the end of Mass Effect 3.

With the game already deep in development, it’s a safe bet to assume that we are going to get a major Mass Effect 4 news reveal at E3 2014 and fans have been getting excited on social boards with the possibilities that could be on offer with a new game.

Without spoiling, we all know that the Mass Effect 3 ending left a number of unanswered questions. For the next game, would you like Bioware to focus completely on the story mode again, or would you like to see a bigger emphasis on the multiplayer this time around?

We have seen with other games in the genre that multiplayer is now starting to take focal point. Titanfall doesn’t even have a single-player campaign, while the upcoming and highly anticipated Destiny will feature multiplayer gameplay that focuses on social interaction.

Could Bioware be planning the same social aspects into Mass Effect 4 with regards to the relay system collapsing? Perhaps you would rather see DLC characters eliminated as a factor for Mass Effect 4, with Bioware putting even more effort into delivering another epic campaign.

E3 2014 is just around the corner and Mass Effect 4 or whatever the game will be called will most likely be a big highlight of the event. Let us know what you would like to see from the next game and what Bioware should and shouldn’t do.



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