LG Smart refrigerator, oven, and washing machine

Whenever LG introduce something new to the Korean market, there is a good chance that it will make its ways to the rest of the world, but only if it proves a success. This will be just what they will be hoping for with the unveiling of LG’s Premium Smart Appliances range.

The new LG Smart range is made up of a new refrigerator, oven, and washing machine, all of which come with the HomeChat messaging service. The refrigerator comes with its own built-in camera, an oven with NFC and Wi-Fi, and a washing machine that you can download washing cycles to with the use of the HomeChat app.

LG Smart Refrigerator is the company’s most advanced refrigerator yet and gives the owner the ability to see what is inside their fridge by using the HomeChat app. This is not done in real-time, but rather each time the door is opened and closed. This means you do not need to look in the refrigerator to know what you need to get at your next visit to the supermarket.

LG Smart refrigerator

LG Smart Washing Machine makes it possible for owners to start a wash cycle by use of the app mentioned above. You can not only instruct the washing machine to start the washing before you get home, but you can also check out the progress of the wash cycle.

Finally, there is the LG SmartLightwaveOven, which gives you even more control over your cooking. Not only can you ask the oven to preset itself ready for when you wish to coos food, but it will also suggest different recipes and the right temperature settings.

All three of these products are planned to be released in the US, but like we said, once once LG is happy with it lunch in South Korea.



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