Injustice 2.0 update for Android, wait worthwhile

The Injustice app for Android is a great way to play fighting games on mobile, but it is also a sign of frustration if you are specifically waiting for the Injustice 2.0 update for Android which has already arrived on iOS months ago.

As we’ve seen with many other high profile mobile games over the last few months, iPhone has been preferred over Android and the developers of the Injustice app for Android appear to be following the same pattern.

The highly anticipated Injustice 2.0 update went live on iOS in the middle of April and just hours ago received another update with Injustice 2.0.1 for bug fixes.

The Android version is a different story though and users are still being kept on the last version which arrived a long time ago in March. At the moment, there is no indication on when the Injustice 2.0 update release date for Android will arrive, but users may be entitled to feel a little hard done with the ongoing wait.

Elsewhere, it also seems that there is a major problem with the game involving Injustice mobile cheaters. We are aware that players are receiving Injustice WBID bans due to sharing information with other users, information which could lead to mobile players receiving new content from the console version of the game.

Warner Bros has said that this is a form of hacking though, which is why some players have found themselves banned. Back to the real issue though, how long are you willing to put up with the Injustice 2.0 update delay on Android?

Are you still confident that the update will be worth the wait even though iOS users are getting better treatment?



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