GTA V PC demand nears 1 million

How are you dealing with the ongoing wait for the GTA V PC release date? It’s no understatement to say that Rockstar has been a bit naughty with the ongoing silence regarding the PC version.

Will the company’s worst kept secret now turn out to be one of the biggest E3 2014 reveals, despite the fact that Rockstar themselves usually keep away from the annual event?

Either way, Rockstar has now kept fans waiting longer than they did for the PC version of GTA IV. For an interesting stat to take into account, it was actually 217 days between the console and PC release of GTA IV.

So far, it has now been 224 days since GTA V launched for PS3 and Xbox 360, with Rockstar staying completely silent on the ongoing frustration regarding an announcement.

With the initial rumors suggesting that GTA V PC would be out by Spring, this likelihood is now starting to disappear by the day and fans are wondering what is going on and what Rockstar could possibly achieve by not only keeping the game from releasing, but also staying silent from constant community chatter.

As a result, we have seen one of the first petitions for the game, hit the headlines again. We can tell you that this petition is now closing in on 1 million signatures, which would be pretty incredible if and when it happens.

When it does happen Rockstar will almost certainly hear about it and it could tempt them into an announcement – 1 million signatures by loyal PC owners, it’s quite remarkable when you think about it.

The petition certainly isn’t going away and the signatures are coming in thick and fast by the minute. Let us know your thoughts on the prolonged delay for GTA V on PC.

What do you honestly think is going on behind the scenes? Do you think that Rockstar will take action once the petition reaches 1 million signatures?



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