GTA V Dinka Thrust, Zentorno, Massacro, Huntley price predictions

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2014

Rockstar has finally given out some crucial GTA V news, as we now know that the GTA V High Life Update is coming next week. When the update arrives it will land with three new vehicles as well as one new motorcycle and we now have brand new images to show you.

Just minutes ago, Rockstar finally unveiled the GTA V Dinka Thrust motorcycle. The bike will be available to buy from Legendary Motorsport and players will be able to access the Dinka Thrust from any garage property in Story Mode.

The Dinka Thrust looks very sexy indeed and most of you were right in previously guessing that it would be red in color. It’s also going to be a crotch rocket and not a chopper, plus you just know that it is going to look amazing once customized.

On the subject of customization, Rockstar has already teased the customized Pegassi Zentorno, Dewbauchee Massacro and Enus Huntley S – the three new cars that are also coming with the High Life update.

Remember that with Rockstar’s first Spring update post, we saw the standard designs for these motors, but take a good look here as this is the very first time that we have seen them customized.

Now, on to the more pressing matter as most of you will be sweating with anxiety on the estimated GTA V Dinka Thrust, Zentorno, Massacro, Huntley prices on Legendary Motorsport.

Look at the custom jobs on these!

Look at the custom jobs on these!

We have a feeling that you are going to need at least 5 million in the bank if you want to be at a safe point and put your mind at ease in knowing that you’ll have enough cash to purchase every single new car from the High Life update.

The Zentorno is obviously going to cost the most and it may cost you a cool $500,000 to pick one up, perhaps even closer to $750k. The Huntley S may be the cheapest out of the High Life motors, as we think it won’t cost no more than $250,000.

The Massacro is going to be popular and that will come at a price. Perhaps not as much as the Zentorno, but definitely more than the Huntley so prepare to spend quite a bit of cash if you want one.

As you can see from our included Tweet above, fans have already started to guess the GTA V Dinka Thrust price. Some say it could have a maximum price of $100,000, but we think it will be cheaper. Either way, this bike is seriously good looking and we will pay whatever it takes to get it on the road.

$5 million in the bank should be more than enough to satisfy your upcoming High Life update shopping spree. Tell us what you think about this though, with your own price predictions for each model and whether you think we have got it right, or completely wrong.

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  • zoaib

    u wankas go suk ya mom u moda fukas the high life updates out

  • Dalton Michael Holmes

    I got 3.68 million hope its close to enough. And according to another post the east coast of the us which is where im at will get the update at 6am but the other post only said that because the updates show a pattern

  • Juicee

    I have an Adder, Jester, Turismo, Vacca, Bati 801, Z-Type, Tailgater, Futo, Infernos, and Corquette. Im livin the life with my 400K Apt. n my bank account is $26,443,018

  • Juicee

    only $5Mil? Wow, I thought it would be more.

  • jonathan

    wow doesent anyone think 5mil is alot for 3 cars including the morterciycle im only 4mil away from 5 so its time to work

  • Annoymous

    I have only at least 20,000 dollars away from 1 million. I reached 1 million something from rooftop. I gained so many levels. I brought me a car. I am still trying to reach 1 mill again. I want another apartment or the GT Turismo. I already have the Jester.

  • Ayush2000

    I have 3.12 mil and i’m only going to buy a garage, the pegassi zentorno and maybe the dinka thrust i think its enough

  • Tom

    This guy is an idiot. Besides the horrid grammar, no one knows how much the new content will cost. Judging by the complaints from the Albany Roosevelt, Rockstar wouldn’t be dumb enough to makes things ridiculously priced. I won’t trust any “news” until it’s officially from Rockstar.

    • Dalton Michael Holmes

      I got the roosevelt despite of the price i like the car its an original classic car now.

  • ROSS15

    Huntley could be expensive, the manufacturer ‘Enus’ is based around the Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Could be 300-400k. Pure speculation, could be anything. New model Bikes aren’t very expensive in real life compared to cars. Around 30-40k, but because this is GTA V 80-100k sounds about right. The Sports Cars In the game are usually around 300-500k, but the Massacaro has a lot of customization by the looks of it, this will likely make the price go down to around 400k. The Super cars on the other hand, rarely change in price, because they already have a lot of customization on them by default. Could be as much as 700-850k. Apartments will be expensive, looking around 700k-1.2m. So totalling it all up, your looking around 3-4 million for everything, including customization. However, this is pure speculation. Could be anything. As long as you have around 5 million as stated in the article you should be OK! Happy Spending! 🙂

    • TronHeisenberg

      How does 80-100k for a bike sound right on GTA? The most exspensive bike currently is only 15k…. why would they suddenly jump to almost 10x that for this bike?

      • ROSS15

        All vehicles are going to be in legendary motorsports, I doubt you’ll find a 15k bike on there. Like I said before, it’s pure speculation, could be anything, but 80-100k for a bike on this game considering where you’ll be able to buy it from, its likely it will be fairly expensive. Not forgetting, its a ‘High Life’ DLC based around the luxury life with luxury cars. Maybe 100k is a bit over the top. I still think you’ll need to pay around 70-80k

        • tronheisenberg

          Maybe twice as much $30k-$40k but anything above $50k is ludicrous. It most likely won’t accelerate any faster than the other dinka bike, and it’s a bike… provides no protection, and, depending on the lobby you’re in, can be almost impossible to ride do to douches. Rockstar has done a great job staying realistic with vehicle prices. Don’t see any reason why they would change now.

  • Corey

    “…we think it won’t cost no more than $250,000.”

    This is not even English, and its a double negative. As the lead editor of a site, how can you hourly publish this garbage?

    • Corey

      *it’s *honestly

      Phone typos.

    • matt

      Any need to be a grammar Nazi? The article still gives information on the high life update in an understandable way

  • Guese ::::)))))

    I am going to guess if u wanted to buy everything, fully upgrade it, and buy the new “900 000” apt you would need 3.5-5 mil max. I would say around 4. If you want to fill your second garage, good luck doing that with the payouts we are getting now

    • ROSS15

      rooftop rumble lol, to get just over 1 million you need to repeat rooftop rumble about 45 times lol, that’s like 3-4 hours of farming. Haha, have fun!

      • Annoymous

        Soo true. Maybe in 2 hours or just an hour and a half I earned up to 1million something dollars. I got me a car for 240,000 and left me with around 70thousand something dollars I guess. And I’m tryna get past 1 mill…

    • Dalonad


  • Guest:)

    5 Million? seems i’m 5 Million short

  • Bill-Bo-Jenkins

    Looks like Im about $4,950,000 dollars short. This may take some time! I think we need another weekend of double money and reputation!!!

    • Annoymous

      yeah I’m short of money even thou I’m 20,000 dollars away from 1 Million. All natural. From doing missions, bountys, simons car etc.

  • Carl_Platt

    5 million? seems i’m 4 million short 🙁