GTA V 1.14 update in June

- May 7, 2014

We now know that the Grand Theft Auto V 1.14 update will release with GTA Online Heists thanks to the DLC not being mentioned within the Rockstar blog post about High Life. We previously speculated that both updates could be joined together, although it is now clear this will not be the case.

You will get to install patch 1.13 Tuesday next week, on the same day as High Life, and then before the end of spring (June 20) we should see the GTA V 1.14 update bring Heists to the online mode. While every improvement to multiplayer is welcomed, it is clear that GTA Online Heists is the most desired update by gamers, so a few fans might be upset with a longer wait for the content they really want.

Did you want to see the GTA Heists update included next week, or are you happy to wait until the GTA V 1.14 update expected to arrive in June?

We will of course keep Product Reviews readers informed when Rockstar release information about GTA Heists and its release date, so keep connected to our social channels for the latest news. You can read about the date for High Life update, what’s included, and see pictures of the new cars and motorcycle in our previous articles through the links.


Share a comment below with exactly what you want to see within the features of Heists, and of course if the next patch misses fixing certain bugs then version 1.14 will need to correct these, so share any issues you have with the game in the comments as well.

Considering the release pattern for previous patches and online updates, don’t expect to see the GTA V 1.14 update and Online Heists until around Tuesday, June 10th or 17th, which is still before the end of spring.

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  • James Garrard

    i reckon they should let you customise your characters apperence more than you can because i see so many people that look like me its annoying

  • Unknown user

    i think that they should add some ski masks or at least some bandannas for crews.

  • Kyle Brown

    They should really add full body costumes…because who wouldn’t want to run around as batman? Or a bear?

    • spikkaa

      I wrote to rock* about this, they told me that because of trademark, licensing and expensive royalties from dc or marvel, it would never happen… but apparenty hackers are working to make it happen, even if only for a short time hack…

      • Kyle Brown

        Ok but at least animal costumes or even a full scary jester…they need to start getting more creative

      • James Garrard

        this isnt true, rockstar have confirmed 1.14 will have heists

  • Kyle Brown

    Watch dogs sucks.

  • trevor philips

    Bigjoe275 idiot

  • Zoey

    That is the most confusing calendar I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Shavras Dylan


  • Bigjoe275

    Sorry but rockstar had 6 years planing this game there’s no excuse for 9 months for heist. They had plenty of time instead they were releasing updates that we didn’t want or cared for. Why lower mission payouts in half Rockstar the majority will never buy shark cards you’ll see your game being traded at gamestop before we buy shark cards. Watchdogs will be out I’ll be to busy playing that. Your first mistake rockstar is when you exploited the game first by cutting the mission payouts in half. You sent a clear message to loyal gamers that your going to make money to difficult that we want you to buy our over priced shark cards and in game items. So to really enjoy our game you have to buy shark cards. I guess that’s why gamestop exist huh I got a $30 trade in for it. That’s some of my investment I put towards watchdogs

    • Zero Phoenix V

      Cheaters ruined the release date that was in late May and that could be the cause of all this delays.

    • Diltman

      Is Watchdogs going to have nonstop free dlc?! No I didn’t think so… So quit ur bitching. Those shark cards are pure motive for them to constantly hand us free dlc. I don’t see any other major game title even have the balls buddy to try that. now watch your dumbass will end up buying it again…

    • James Garrard

      instead of moaning about it how about you take time out your day to make a grand theft auto 5 game and see if you can make it any better than rockstar did if you think your so right, i reckon rockstar did good with gta v, time to be quiet, the fact is you dont have gta anymore, clearly you sold it for watch dogs so why comment, idiot

      • Bigjoe275

        You do know the reason for buying this game was because of heist right. Instead of being a sheep. Learn to be a gamer first learn your facts about why we bought this game before opening your mouth. Which we all know it’s true. Rockstar is not in titled to my money like I’m not in titled to there’s. Rockstar can’t deliver then I get my money back simple as that period.

  • Dan Chak

    I want it to work. If I have to wait until June or September, I’ll wait. I hated waiting as long as I had to for GTA V in the first place, but I understand now just why we had to wait.
    You want a fast mess or a sweet piece of work?