Black Retrica app camera on Android

- May 7, 2014

If your Retrica app camera appears black on an Android phone, don’t worry, you are not alone and we hear that a fix is being worked on with what is one of the most common problems. It is worth noting though, overall both iPhone and Android users rate the Retrica app very highly in their thousands.

The Retrica app on Android and iPhone is extremely popular with smartphone users, both versions have received a lot of high ratings and part of the likability is the fact you can take really good selfie pictures, have a good range of filters, and the zero price tag only help in the apps success.

You can get the Retrica photography app for free and download right away, but an in-app purchase on iTunes and Google play allows users to upgrade to Pro for $1.99. This will deliver some enhancements, most important of which is the additional real-time vintage filters.


Black camera issue for Retrica app on Android – users of this platform just got an update for the Retrica app within the last 2 weeks, but users report some problems still with the app and most common is the front or back camera appearing black on certain Android phones. One user stated, “The app works well on my iPod touch, but on my Android phone both back and front camera show up as black”. Another added, “I own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 P1000, my problem is similar to a lot of other people with a fix needed for the front cam, which is all black and I can’t take a picture”.

The last Android update fixed a Galaxy Note 3 static preview problem and cured issues with vignette filter errors, although now that 2 weeks have passed since this update and the Retrica black camera issue is widespread, a fix surely has to release soon. Leave a comment below if you are experiencing the same problem and if so, name the phone or tablet you are using.

We also included a video hands-on with the iPhone app below this article, just for those that know little about this application.

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  • Tanya Varshney

    Going through the same problem of black screen. I use lenovo k6 power

  • Vivek Singh

    i’m in a queue too lenovo vibe k4 note (vibe x3 lite)….but there is a catch when i was using lollipop the camera was working fine but it started showing me black after i updated my phone to marshmallow.

  • Umais Siraj

    i am having the same black screen problem for both front and back cams on my Nexus 6!! any solutions for it??

  • Anna Marie Vaughn

    I’m having the same problem with the black screen
    Android MotoX

  • Ais

    Same problem
    Using Wiko Wax 4G

  • Obelix

    I have the same problem. Xiaomi redmi note

  • Hoor Aftab

    I have the same prb
    I am using Samsung galaxy grand neo !

  • Roka

    It was black now it isnot black but totally unclear 🙁 🙁
    it is samsong galaxy gtand one Gt-9082
    I hope it can be solved as soon as possible ^_^
    Thank you very much ^_^ ^_^

  • nabia

    I have the same problem. Samsung galaxy grand neo.

  • Alexander123

    I have the exact same problem,but only with the front facing camera on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

  • rokia

    i have the same problem in the front camera of samsung galaxy grand 1 gt_9082

  • Adam

    Sony xperia Z and have the se problem on both front/back

  • Afifa

    I have a Samsung S5 and I have the same problem.. The photos taken by the both sides camera are black

  • qwerty

    i just installed it on galaxy s4 mini and it works fine at the beginning then the photo preview screen goes black but the app’s still working and you can click filters etc yet you can’t see them..

  • Shoaib

    I’ve Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and whenever i take a pic from my back camera it gets all blurry and then black -.-

  • Ricardo Gouveia

    Same as mikem22. All frontal cam pics are black. HTC One X.

  • mikem22

    The photos i take are black… Htc One X

  • xDanger

    I have Vodafone Smart 3 and I have same problem.