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Paperama app more addictive than 2048

If you are looking for the best games on Android to download and are already bored of 2048, you may want to give the Paperama app for Android a go. It is free to download, has just launched on Google Play and could be even more addictive than 2048.

Japanese origami is an ancient craft and continues to be enjoyed as a hobby for many fans around the world. With Paperama, you can bring the magic direct to your Android phone or tablet with 3D graphics and over 70 puzzles to work through.

We have seen the early feedback on Paperama and it looks like it could be an instant hit. Gone are the days of Angry Birds and Flappy Birds, with more mind intensive games such as 2048 and now Paperama winning popularity contests.

There’s also a beautiful soundtrack to listen to as well whilst solving puzzles, so it really is worth trying out if you are looking for a new game to just pick up and play to kill time.

Is this the new social craze of the Summer?
Is this the new social craze of the Summer?

At the moment, there are ads on the app, which may be removed in a future update when more puzzles arrive. We can see thousands of 5-star ratings on the Paperama app review page, with some even happy to admit that they like it better than 2048.

Let us know if you have tried Paperama and how you think it compares to 2048. Is this app one of your favorites to play right now? We’ll follow up soon on the likelihood of Paperama for iPhone soon.



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