MLB 14 The Show release setback on PS4

- May 6, 2014

The excitement for MLB 14 The Show and its PS4 release date reached a high last month along with the launch on other platforms, and trade-in deals only helped gamers get excited, although bad news arrived today after Sony hit problems with the digital PS4 release.

We received confirmation on Twitter about issues with users trying to download MLB 14 The Show on PS4, although earlier today it looked like these problems would be fixed rather than seeing a release date setback. You can see the original tweet below, but the situation has since changed with Sony stating the game has been delayed on PS4 after “unforeseen technical issues”. The UK were due to get MLB 14 The Show via digital tomorrow, and the United States missed out today on a digital PS4 download.

There has been updates on the PS4 download issues, as seen in some more tweets below and you can clearly see the problem is being worked on with no estimated time of it being fixed.

You should note that MLB 14 The Show is available right now on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 with a retail box. The price for this version in the US is $39.99 for Vita, and a higher price of $59.99 on PS3 and PS4. At the time of writing, Sony or the Twitter channel MLBTheShow don’t have an update on when the PlayStation Store PS4 download will be live.

Are you waiting to download MLB 14 The Show on PS4? Will you choose a box version if the game doesn’t release via digital soon?

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  • RNS415415

    In all of my years playing games this has got to go down ass the worst video game ever made mlb the show 2014 for ps4 you guys should b embarrassed for putting something of this quality on the market shame on u

  • RNS415415

    This game is the worst ever


    Is the uk getting a boxed version?

  • Chad

    If I already paid for the digital version and now want to buy the box can I cancel the digital download?

    • bf4ever

      Game sucks dude…the AI is as stupid as always, loading times are extremely painful, frame rate is horrible, all online modes lag so much they are unplayable and beards are stupid looking. Nothing new from ps3 version, not a significant graphics upgrade can barely tell the difference. Quick play mode is horrible….Disappointing !