Microsoft E3 2014 date, start time excitement

We have some vital information for Xbox fans over the world now, as we’re happy to say that Microsoft has now confirmed their highly anticipated E3 2014 press conference date, as well as start time.

There are no surprises though, as Microsoft are sticking to their annual protocol. The Microsoft E3 2014 date will be Monday June 9 and the start time will be 9.30am Pacific Time.

That means that those on Eastern Time can watch the event from 12.30pm, while our readers in the UK should expect Microsoft’s E3 2014 start time to be 5.30pm UK time.

Just like last year, there will be a live stream as well, with multiple platforms open depending on where you want to watch. These obviously include your Xbox One console, direct on and also via Spike TV if you are in the US and Canada.

As far as we’re aware, Sony has been silent so far on their E3 2014 plans, but they are the last company out of the big three to publicly disclose their E3 2014 activities – Nintendo was the first.

Stay tuned for more information soon, such as our Microsoft E3 2014 predictions. Let us know how excited you are for Microsoft’s event this year.



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