GTA V invincibility by wallbreach locations

While you wait for Grand Theft Auto V patch 1.13 to launch, or a release time for the High Life update, we thought a quick review of glitches still being found within GTA V was in order. This is especially good feedback for Rockstar considering the 1.13 update might fix some of these glitches that certain gamers feel is a way to cheat.

Today, we have a couple of videos revealing wallbreach locations that give the player invincibility once you pass through them in a certain way. The GTA V wallbreach locations featured work after patch 1.12, although as we mentioned above, the next 1.13 update hoped for today might correct some of these.

The first video runs for just over 2 minutes and reveals a glitch at a wall next to the military base and just like many of the others, you will end up with invincibility. The second video is slightly order and much longer, it was uploaded to YouTube after 1.12, and features 15 wallbreaches after the last patch.

Have you tried any of these wallbreach locations in GTA V and if so, would you like them patched with update 1.13 or should they stay in your opinion?

Rockstar recently backtracked on changes with the last update after gamers complained about the fun being taken away from the game, so at that point Rockstar made it clear that some glitches shouldn’t be removed from the game.



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