GTA V High Life and Heists merged

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

All eyes are on Rockstar at the moment as they appear to have every single GTA V player on PS3 and Xbox 360 in their pockets at the moment. The now-infamous GTA V 1.13 update is still not live, which means that players are still waiting for the GTA V High Life release time, as well as Heists content that continues to elude.

The facts so far are that Rockstar has gone on record to say that these missing updates will be delivered in Spring. Being careful not to give exact release dates, it looks like Rockstar now intends to take that Spring timeline right down to the wire.

We have learned this week though that this could be for good reason. An article recently published by GameSpot suggests that Rockstar are now aiming to include Heists within the GTA V 1.13 and High Life update.

This is different to what we and probably most other GTA V fans expected with separate updates for the High Life and Heists content. Here is the new information which you may want to take into account if you are waiting for both update to land.

“The money, in particular, should prove handy with the High Life update–which adds new high-end apartments, cars, and more for players to purchase–coming later this month. That update will also introduce a long-awaited feature in multiplayer heists.”

Compare that to what Rockstar initially said themselves on April 2, over a month ago when they appeared to suggest that the updates would occur one by one – Capture Creator first, High Life update second and Heists out at the end of Spring.

We can still see that comments on Rockstar’s month-old news post are still pouring in by the second, with fans desperate to know the situation – so an official update from the developer wouldn’t go a miss here.

What are your thoughts on the wait for all of the updates. Are you starting to believe the rumors that Rockstar had to eradicate more naughty GTA Online behaviour first?

Also, your reaction if Heists now comes merged into the GTA V High Life update with GTA V 1.13?

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  • Whattheheck?

    They’ve waited too long, I’ve completely lost interest in the game and Heists probably won’t bring me back.

  • ndlz84 .

    Did I hear ‘Dinosaur update’ somewhere?? wtf?

  • DAMEdash

    are we gonna have to pay for these updates

    • pedrothegr8

      Apparently r* did make a promise that all add on (not sure if it was just for gta 5) will be free.

  • brodouevenknow

    my theory: it’ll be out when Warface fixes their server issues >.>

  • Rick

    If this update doesn’t come by next week I will saw my own penis off.. DO YOU WANT THAT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS ROCKSTAR?!?! DO YOU?!

  • Roscoe Bookbinder

    i want property options in blaine county more than more high end apts or mansions in los santos. instead of another super car how about a jet pack?
    i will be ok with both updates releasing on the same day as it will be one big instead of two smalls. i hope the update includes the casino that can be entered in free roam as well as a heist location.

    • Lucas Castle

      A jet pack would be too much fun in multiplayer and it would be game breaking once high level use them to ruin the fun of lower levels. We might hope to see it released in single player.

      • Dom

        No…. Jetpacks would restrict you from using guns making them unabusable, and what a waste to confine such a thing to single-player. The majority, including myself play GTA for the mp anyways. But the kid with the casino thing and jetpack etc, stop making things up and expecting them. Casinos was a mere suggestion by a rather favorable youtuber, it was never even suggested by R*.

        • ndlz84 .

          The person who found the jetpack code in 1.12, found settings to suggest you CAN shoot while operating it, probably much like while parachuting, I can see Lucas’s point, but I don’t think it will be as bad as he thinks. It may even be riskier to shoot while flying it. One thing is a certainty, When the JP does arrive, the price will be very high. Personally, I’m not that bothered about JPs, would have been nice to have solved the MtCh Mystery and found one in the mountain, or elsewhere.

        • Dom

          Well then I suppose military jets should be taken away as well.

  • Marshal Shark

    Don’t you realize, once R* adds heists, they are going to lose money because players keep buying the money packs. Heists will let the player get a lot of money without giving a penny to R*. R* has said it themselves, that gta online has given them more money than they anticipated, why? Because everyone is so impatient that they are buying the money packs, delaying the heists even more. They might say its because of the hackers and glitches, but any true gamer and developer knows that there is always going to be at least one glitch.

    • Rockstar North

      I’m gonna hav to disagree. The overwhelming disruption that those hackers did during christmas was significant. Most players bought every single item possible during this “everyones a millionare” with cars full of fully upgraded adders in case it was taken away. Ppl were level glitching and all. Adding to invincibility glitches and car glitches, they’ve been so focused on fixing things that just create more problems they haven’t been able to release actual content. However, the plain fact is its their own fault for this. They were incredibly stingy with the missions in the beginning, every update was just making it harder to make money. What the hell did they think was going to happen? So this whole delayed period, whether warranted or not, is their own fault.

  • Tooty Booty

    its next week guys, and when we get to next week, its still going to be Next Week. that is how R* works

  • Consitant gta fan

    I dont care about high end apartments theres already so many, i personally want more ghetto apartments and houses as well as a mansion, i also hope they will throw in a revolver and a double barrel shotgun as well as a tech nine. Bull pup rifle is something ill probably never use

    • ermal-krz

      A glock would be nice.

    • ermal-krz

      A glock would be nice.

  • Justin Holtman

    The more time ya wait the better it may be! 🙂

  • mike

    More nonsense. Another day, another stupid article about the same crap three other people wrote about already. The same crap five people will write about today, and the same crap more will write tomorrow. Why even write anything?

    • NgTurbo

      GTA V 1.13 will arrive soon Mike, get some fresh air.

      • Oli

        You write complete crap that literally provides ZERO information and only exists for you to make money but I admit I laughed at that comment

        • Oli

          Alright that came off as a bit cuntish but you have to admit your article titles are misleading and you’ve been writing speculations since 2011 or 2012, don’t remember

        • Corey

          Oh leave him alone he barely knows English. At the moment GTA is online at the moment basically. How does this basically make you feel?

  • Andrew Giniewski

    I dont see why people are getting pissed off at Rockstar Spring is 3 months long with 3 updates being released. They did confirm that 1.13 is to be released in May. The earliest they are going to release it is in the second week of the month and the latest is the 31st. For Heists to meet their spring deadline they have until June 20th. Peopl just need to stop bithcing and expecting these updated to happen back to back. Stop getting your hopes up that the next Tuesday or Friday is going to be the release date. Rockstar will give an exact release just like everyother DLC update.

  • Gw2

    If they are gonna go by their own word STICK WITH IT!!!

  • Me

    We’ll I’m just going to stop playing this retarded game until rockstar tops being a bunch of losers and releases the damn update.

    • Guest

      if it’s retarded, and rockstar is a bunch of losers, why are you waiting til now to stop playing? why dont you go script the update and get permission from microsoft to launch it worldwide? i mean, you make it sound so easy..

      • Dalton Michael Holmes

        Lol right

      • Dr.Hax

        Because rockstar never keeps their “promises”. I agree, I should have stopped playing this crap a LONG time ago. And shut up, the update is almost entirely done, all their doing is adding new jobs which no ones going to play because they don’t pay you crap. Rooftop rumble is all anyone will do until heists come out.

  • brian

    I was about to jump to the PS3 when I misread the second sentence as “The now-infamous GTA V 1.13 update is now live”.

  • firebythewater

    Cue the Benny Hill theme again…..