GTA V High Life and Heists merged

All eyes are on Rockstar at the moment as they appear to have every single GTA V player on PS3 and Xbox 360 in their pockets at the moment. The now-infamous GTA V 1.13 update is still not live, which means that players are still waiting for the GTA V High Life release time, as well as Heists content that continues to elude.

The facts so far are that Rockstar has gone on record to say that these missing updates will be delivered in Spring. Being careful not to give exact release dates, it looks like Rockstar now intends to take that Spring timeline right down to the wire.

We have learned this week though that this could be for good reason. An article recently published by GameSpot suggests that Rockstar are now aiming to include Heists within the GTA V 1.13 and High Life update.

This is different to what we and probably most other GTA V fans expected with separate updates for the High Life and Heists content. Here is the new information which you may want to take into account if you are waiting for both update to land.

“The money, in particular, should prove handy with the High Life update–which adds new high-end apartments, cars, and more for players to purchase–coming later this month. That update will also introduce a long-awaited feature in multiplayer heists.”

Compare that to what Rockstar initially said themselves on April 2, over a month ago when they appeared to suggest that the updates would occur one by one – Capture Creator first, High Life update second and Heists out at the end of Spring.

We can still see that comments on Rockstar’s month-old news post are still pouring in by the second, with fans desperate to know the situation – so an official update from the developer wouldn’t go a miss here.

What are your thoughts on the wait for all of the updates. Are you starting to believe the rumors that Rockstar had to eradicate more naughty GTA Online behaviour first?

Also, your reaction if Heists now comes merged into the GTA V High Life update with GTA V 1.13?



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